Jokes on you batty. Not oc. blah blah... i don't have a phone that reaches the afterlife Wub Wub Wub
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i don't have a phone that reaches the afterlife
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I came back to thumb you. Yeah, that's happening.
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it took me a while to make out that it said "Joker"
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I'm not sure if this is true or not ,but go online and search up CAS or copy right alert system.The copyright alert system, also known as the six strikes program,[1] is a graduated response framework for the United States, agreed upon by participating ISPs and Intellectual property organizations in which a third-party will monitor file-sharing networks, collect the IP addresses of suspected copyright infringement, and submit the IP addresses to ISPs who will in turn issue the suspected infringer a copyright alert.[2] Those suspected of copyright infringement may be issued six copyright alerts, one for each subsequent infringement.[3] Consumers who fail to respond to the alerts may have their connection throttled, though their account may not be terminated.


https://petitionsDOTwhitehouseDOTgov/petition/stop-cas-copyright-alert-system/Kj BZN4mV
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.png, ever heard of it?
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