Light. 1000000% non OC.. I have that pen...
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1000000% non OC

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Submitted: 02/25/2013
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#154 - piouiyutyrte (02/26/2013) [-]
#148 - stewartt (02/26/2013) [-]
Was I the only one that wanted Light to end up being the "winner" in the end and be a new god/ create a new world?
#152 to #148 - repostsrepost (02/26/2013) [-]
Nope. I kinda wanted to see Kira victorious. Even if that's how they meant to end the story anyways, there was a lot more that could be done with it.
User avatar #153 to #152 - stewartt (02/26/2013) [-]
Eff Kira and his BS shenanigans haha.
#149 to #148 - anonymous (02/26/2013) [-]
My friends still hate me because I was happy when L died and had wanted Light to win.
User avatar #150 to #149 - stewartt (02/26/2013) [-]
I was pissed I even watched the last episode after what happened. You sir are sick..
#146 - dsdanny (02/26/2013) [-]
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#144 - thekingofop **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#145 to #144 - anonymous (02/26/2013) [-]
#138 - jempa (02/26/2013) [-]
hello sir would you like to sign my petition
User avatar #127 - garymotherfinoak (02/26/2013) [-]
justgirlythings is the new krushandlyrikz
User avatar #129 to #127 - opchow (02/26/2013) [-]
User avatar #133 to #129 - garymotherfinoak (02/26/2013) [-]
that's what the tumblr page that made "its not rape if you have swag" posts was named before it was suspended
User avatar #134 to #133 - opchow (02/26/2013) [-]
#124 - vexaton ONLINE (02/26/2013) [-]
Does anyone else actually have one of these?
User avatar #132 to #124 - viewtifulbro (02/26/2013) [-]
Sadly I do. Still in the box not written on.
User avatar #131 to #124 - randumbgamer (02/26/2013) [-]
I do , my best friend got me one for my birthday last year.
User avatar #130 to #124 - macslimjim (02/26/2013) [-]
i dont know, can i have yours?
#136 to #130 - vexaton ONLINE (02/26/2013) [-]
#140 to #136 - macslimjim (02/26/2013) [-]
**macslimjim rolled a random image posted in comment #6 at Lent **
oh, ok then.
goodbye all.
#117 - decoyoctopus (02/26/2013) [-]
This image has expired
I love Death Note and all...and can fully understand that fellow Death Note fans will thumb this up....but i have to ask...what are you trying to say exactly?
User avatar #125 to #117 - Furubatsu (02/26/2013) [-]
It's a reoccouring thing on the internet, this website posts all these cheesy things about what girls love about guys and what you find yourself doing when in love. Then people will retalliate with other pictures of what they say, one example being I love it when a guy give's me that cute half-smile then accompanied by a picture of Two-Face.
User avatar #115 - robodarkvision (02/26/2013) [-]
**robodarkvision rolls 83** wat
#113 - windmagevaati (02/26/2013) [-]
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#112 - fiddlestickz (02/26/2013) [-]
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#111 - goml (02/26/2013) [-]
Kira is love, Kira is life.
Kira is love, Kira is life.
#108 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (02/25/2013) [-]
I think if some bitch was writing my name all over a notebook, I'd be ******* scared. That ***** creepy. Thats like, stalker psycho bitch **** .
#158 to #108 - anonymous (02/26/2013) [-]
#91 - snodder (02/25/2013) [-]
Second Death Note post today. Light is done invading other animes and is now coming for funnyjunk
Second Death Note post today. Light is done invading other animes and is now coming for funnyjunk
#105 to #91 - wowqueen (02/25/2013) [-]
Death Note is invading other anime.
#106 to #105 - snodder (02/25/2013) [-]
Children shows, anime, websites. Light is everywhere. Light is life.
#110 to #106 - anonymous (02/26/2013) [-]
Light is love
#109 to #106 - wowqueen (02/26/2013) [-]
But Bakuman and Death Note were wrote by the same person.
User avatar #90 - koolmanchris (02/25/2013) [-]
**koolmanchris rolled user hilariousrubbish ** I put your name in my deathnote
User avatar #92 to #90 - hilariousrubbish (02/25/2013) [-]
You Cant kill a shinigami
User avatar #93 to #92 - hilariousrubbish (02/25/2013) [-]
hyuk hyuk
#83 - whendoubting (02/25/2013) [-]
Ok, so assuming that every time a comic is re-posted, it is %100 Not OC
Assumedly, this would compound by %100 every time it is reposted
the equation for finding out how many times content has been reposted by what percent Not OC it is would be

(percent Not OC) = 100^b when b = number of times reposted

this is used in occasions when number of times reposted in known, but percent Not OC is not. But this might not always be the case, oft times a ***** may find he needs to figure out the number of times reposted from percent Not OC.

to solve for b natural logarithms are used (base 10 would work just as well, but a ***** never knows when he might need to integrate!)
The equation solved for b would be:

b = ln(percent Not OC) / ln(100)

However, in cases when the original content is, in fact, not %100 Not OC another equation must be used.
However, in cases when original percent Not OC is not %100 OP, being the ****** that he is, will instead post in the sister units percent OC. Converting the units of percent OC to percent Not OC is really a simple matter, simply use:

(%100 - percent OC) = initial percent Not OC
However, this equation does not work when converting Not OC to OC. In cases of multiple reposts, you calculations would lead original percent OC to equal negative amount. Now that we know how to convert percent OC to percent Not OC, we can use this equation to derive percent Not OC in cases where initial percent OC does not = {%100, %0}:
(final percent Not OC) = (initial PROPORTION Not OC) x 100^b
//[Notice, if a ***** will, that you are utilizing proportion Not OC, and not initial percent Not OC; To find the proportion simply divide the percent Not OC by 100]//

therefore to find b in cases where initial percent OC does not = {%100, %0}:
b = ln((final percent Not OC) / (initial proportion Not OC)) / ln(100)
Who the **** says you don't learn anything on FJ?
User avatar #95 to #83 - whendoubting (02/25/2013) [-]

according to the description, this content is 3rd generation repost
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