Enderman. Is right behind you If anyone finds the artist, that would be awesome.. I guess I'm that kind of person. Minecraft
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I guess I'm that kind of person.
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"bite the glass, I'm going in dry"
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Some of us are friendly...
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That was because of your window.
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"Wait......where did it go?" Geoffrey muttered to himself, slowly scanning the area out side of his window in confusion never noticing the dark shadow creeping up behind him.

It was only when a sharp pain ripped through him from his lower back that he realised something was wrong, as he pitched forward against the glass he could see glowing purple eyes and an evil grin that was plastered across his attackers face.

"No.....wait....." he whimpered in agony ".....i need that..."

His attacker chuckled deeply, the sound reverberated around the room and filled Geoffrey's ears with nothing but that dark laughter.

As his vision began to fade and his breathing became laboured Geoffrey managed to mutter a few words "My ass block" and then collapsed onto the ground.

The Enderman looked down on his fallen foe with glee and then burst into shadowy cloud of smoke Geoffrey's ass block secured firmly in his sharply defined hands.

Game Over

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i remember all the hype before endermen were released into minecraft. everyone was talking about how they were gonna quit the game because endermen seemed to terrifying. hell, i remember a post on FJ about building an "enderman proof" house out of fences and stairs because hopefully the endermen wouldn't recognize the stairs/fences as blocks and wouldnt steal them. i also remember that people (and me) thought that the endermen would pick up blocks to make an entrance into your house so they could get in and kill you.
TL;DR: Endermen had a ton of hype pre-release and i find them to be one of the biggest let-downs ever
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reminds me of this
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If you look closely in the in the last panel of the comic the enderman has appeared behind him which is funny because in the first panel he refers to his house as "safe".
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Just recently I came to the realization of:

Don't know how I didn't see it before but mind remains blown
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not all endermens are bad guys
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Not all punny usernames were created just for this content
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