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Did you know? Part 3

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And here is part 3 of stuff yeu probably- did not knew.
The Sahara desert expands at about kkm per month,
There are mere than 326 million trillian gallons of
water on Earth-
Heron of Greece invented steam pewee in 50 BC. But
the leaders of the day thought that it would cause
unemployement which may lead to unrest and the
invention, well, ran out of steam.
Why does water not calm the tongue after eating hot
spicy food?
The spices in most of the hot foods that we eat are oily,
and, like your elementary school science teacher taught
yeu, oil and water don' t mix- In this case, the water just
rolls ever the oily spices
What can yeu do to calm your aching tongue? Eat
bread. The bread will absorb the oily spices A second
solution is to drink milk, Milk contains a substance
called "casein" which will bind to the spices and carry
them away. Alcohol also dissolves oily spices-
To make one kilo of haney bees have to visit 4 million
flowers, traveling a distance equal to 4 times around the
Ice tea was introduced in 1904 at the world' s Fair in St.
China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year. 25 million
trees are chopped down to make ‘em sticks.
Chocolate is the number one foodstuff flavor in the
world, beating vanilla and banana by .
There are mere than ten billion web pages on the
It will take a person mere than 400 years to watch all
the videos on Youtube. So don' t try-
In 1919, Walt Disney teamed up with Uh
Twerks, to produce a series of cartoons entitled "Alice in
The first pop video was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen,
released in I 97 5
Hope you enjoyed, the first 2 are below and as always i
will return with even morel
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