Dog Feels. Amazing Stories about some amazing dogs and the people who saved them.. show me a story about people suffering and i wont really care, but animals.. god, how can people do that?
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Dog Feels

Amazing Stories about some amazing dogs and the people who saved them

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Submitted: 02/21/2013
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User avatar #524 - thanksgivingturkey (03/16/2013) [-]
Dammit...My dog we had for 11 years just died the other day. **** you.
User avatar #525 to #524 - unicornmangina (03/18/2013) [-]
i'm very sorry to hear about that fellow funnyjunkie
#521 - duddimsober (02/27/2013) [-]
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#520 - insaniac (02/23/2013) [-]
This is Claire. She was a pure bred German Shepard. She slowly developed problems with her hips that made it harder and harder for her to walk. We gave her pain pills to help her out. but it only helped for a while. Eventually she became unable to walk normally due to the pain. I moved away for a while, so i didn't know how bad it had really gotten. My mom told me they were going to put her down soon. i couldn't believe it. it wasn't until i visited one weekend that i realized how bad it had become. I walked in the front door and she "walked" up to me. She didn't really walk it was more her almost dragging her back legs. At that point i knew we had to. I was at work the day it was supposed to happen and i couldn't stop thinking about it. i had to take a break, sit in a corner and cry for a good 10 minutes. later i got a call from my mom saying my step dad chickened out and it wouldn't be happening that day and it was rescheduled to that weekend. I never made it back for it, but i knew if i had i would have tried to stop them even though i knew we had to. I'll always remember her.
#515 - tharic (02/22/2013) [-]
first thoughts
User avatar #513 - thatguyjonah (02/22/2013) [-]
Not funny,
But very appreciated nonetheless.
Thank you.
#512 - duperthirtytwo (02/22/2013) [-]
MFW I read the last one and my GF is in the room.
User avatar #522 to #512 - trollchildxy (03/09/2013) [-]
I've been surfing Feels channel since my GF went to bed, been sobbing uncontrollably all night. (I realize you posted this like 2-3 weeks ago)
User avatar #509 - cvitza ONLINE (02/22/2013) [-]
I'm crying right now...I agree so much with the last dog was poisoned 3 months ago by some dick who was dropping rat poison in woods...I was holding this in me but this post got me :( I'm sorry guys I know that you don't come here for these kind of posts but I just couldn't hold my self...
#507 - thatguyuknowtheone (02/22/2013) [-]
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#506 - evilwheatleycore ONLINE (02/22/2013) [-]
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User avatar #501 - xxyzx (02/22/2013) [-]

I don't have a .gif or image to show my overfeels
User avatar #503 to #501 - imaginariness (02/22/2013) [-]
Maximum overfeel
#500 - cucu (02/22/2013) [-]
why you do this to me.
why you do this to me.
#498 - cockasian (02/22/2013) [-]
Step 1: read the story of Patrick the Amazing Pit Bull backwards
Step 2: Cry
User avatar #496 - mcmilldog (02/22/2013) [-]
I've had feels from posts, but this is the first one to make me genuinely tear up
#495 - pianoasis (02/22/2013) [-]
because dogs
because dogs
User avatar #494 - norwegianfaggotry (02/22/2013) [-]
> Humanity
> Dogs
User avatar #490 - hyrule (02/22/2013) [-]
I would have lost it if Hachiko made an appearance
#489 - frogthekermit (02/22/2013) [-]
i come onto this site for enjoyment and only end up missing my dog alot
#488 - grizzzlybear (02/22/2013) [-]
The last one got me crying. And here's my story as to why. I rescued the most amazing dog. She wasn't very smart, at all, but she was so happy with life and wanted nothing more than to be loved. Her previous owners had kicked her many times with hard toe boots and broke her hip in many places and other bones. So she couldn't walk for to long nor go up stairs. She had seizures all the time, typically at night but they got much worse and much more frequent. She was on multiple medications for a few different things. She was the best dog i could have ever asked for and she did save my life. My parents had her euthanized without letting me know. I didn't find out she was gone till a week later when i got back from a trip. I never got to say goodbye to her. She was only 4. This was over a year ago and i still miss her so much. So that's my story. (Pic is her)
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