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Flowcharts 3

Flowchart: 3
A Flowchart to Determine If Yuu' re
Going to Have Sex on this Date
A Flowchart for How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend
hr, uni; have mu
mu Should
not Your
Frienda Degl
Her main
A Flowchart for What Career Path You
Should Choose
Do You can month:
gfet? e
Von Should be
Crazy y Should be
mollest CII',' km: You Shun be
keen V
Flowchart for How To Give a
Best Man Speech at a Wedding
Make a Joke About the
Make a Joke About
the Groom.
Say Something
Sentimental Now,
and Start it out -
With "in All Have You Been
Seriousness...“ - Gain:
ls B Bridesmaid
r Go to Your
Car and
Have Sex
with Her.
hm on Good! Go Outside
Go Back and and Get Same
I' m Assuming She is Relax my a Air. Stay There -
While. Until People
Get Distracted.
Hope you all enjoyed the
series, parts 1 and 2 in links
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