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#400 - jonzie (05/22/2010) [-]
its called nuggeting stupid and my school is pucking pro
#402 to #400 - Bonzooy **User deleted account** (05/22/2010) [-]
shut up troll. read the description
User avatar #407 to #402 - bosafiya (05/22/2010) [-]
ch-ch-chillax bro
#406 to #402 - jonzie (05/22/2010) [-]
chilax bra I was just confurming it
#411 to #406 - Bonzooy **User deleted account** (05/23/2010) [-]
no you werent, you called me stupid and you said your school is pucking pro. you werent confirming **** .
#413 to #411 - jonzie (05/24/2010) [-]
well this entire incident could have been safely avoided (and many more, im geussing its more than me bugging you) if you posted that it was named different things on the photo as many people such as myself quickly scroll through the top funny for a brief laugh. and It may seem demeaning, but i meant to be a light insult.
#414 to #413 - Bonzooy **User deleted account** (05/24/2010) [-]
its called the description because it describes the ******* picture. shut up. i was not aware of the other names when i posted it. and when i saw other peoples names for it. i put it in the description. this entire incident could have been avoided if you hadnt said, "its called nuggeting stupid and my school is pucking pro" and people clearly dont mind that much about the name seeing how this picture got NUMBER 1!!!!!!!
#415 to #414 - jonzie (05/24/2010) [-]
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey woah woah woah woah woah woah wait a second... bananas. My arguement is superior
#417 to #415 - Bonzooy **User deleted account** (05/27/2010) [-]
I find it funny that you trolled my pic, then thumbed down all my comments. You're so cool. Hold on a second, your comments have 2 negative thumbs, and i never thumbed them down. Listen, I'm just saying this cause im pissed, and i really dont want to offend anyone. But please don't troll my pics.
#419 to #417 - jonzie (05/27/2010) [-]
your just angry you can't think of anything better then bannanas. you be jellin
#420 to #419 - Bonzooy **User deleted account** (05/28/2010) [-]
i be jellin? ive had 4 posts now that have made it to the top 4, 3 of them got number 1. i think you be jellin, and thats why you are trollin my pic
#421 to #420 - jonzie (05/31/2010) [-]
I was not aware of that fact and it has not changed the state of this conversation what so ever.
#422 to #421 - Bonzooy **User deleted account** (05/31/2010) [-]
holy **** , you spelled bananas wrong. btw check my latest pic
#423 to #422 - jonzie (05/31/2010) [-]
dang it oh well i guess you win. Oh yeah I saw that **** at [url deleted]
Sure I'll join
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