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Flowcharts 2

Flowcharts 2
Flowchart to Determine If You Should Fap To It
Is It Animals
Hilda] aem at
mm» are
sun Not channel; On mu. yam
Just no Rem
sathit:, r d"
e If You Should Call 911
A Flowchart to Deter
manna Drive
can You "Get Rid oi
You thouest
DEEFJ, all _
A Flowchart to Determine if the
Chick You' re About to Bang is Too Fat For You
Are You Try' eneter
tee lusts; You
constantly was Festered try
This Chick is a at For
She' s
any mum. at s
Mes, teat,
V/ an Should Not
9: nus: ere butt
You Should Definately
Enough for one more post if
you guys like
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