Star Wars Logic. . Probably Made in China. Fixed
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Best trained soldiers in the galaxy... Can't aim for **** ...
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The Death Star has its own personal China.
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It had coolant systems to prevent overheating, and also included enhanced breathing filters inside the T-visor. The armor could take some modular attachments, like a bacta pack for a medic or small flamethrower for Advanced Recon Commandos. The armor suit also resisted vacuum environments, allowing the trooper to continue to fight outside of spacecraft for a short time (though recovery was needed). It was mostly for surviving in environments rather than attacks. It did get better when they changed to phase 2 armor, but still didn't save them from most weapons.
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enough of dis **** , i present you:
a clear example of enviorment protection AND armor
made with LESS technology
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Now all I can imagine is millions of Gordon Freeman's replacing the troopers and kicking ass.
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Maybe, maybe it will be done...
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Pretty sure you're talking about CLONE trooper armor. Which is older and BETTER than the stormtrooper armor. I know Palpatine was trying to be cost efficient, but damn, isn't a clone army with good armor cheaper than a multi sized army that has be constantly replaced and trained?
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The Storm Trooper armor was impervious to most blaster pistol fire, slug weapons (favored by Trandosian slavers and various mercenary groups), and several military grade rifles and carbines.
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Out of curiosity what book is that? It looks like one of the old SWRPG books.
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your post made me search for that thing for about 20 minutes, now if i can just find the other 2 i have...
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the NEW essential guide to
weapons and technology
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I'm fairly certain that book pertains mostly to the "Lucas Approved Universe" of Star Wars (there are a handful of novels added in there too), where as my knowledge comes from Expanded Universe canon, where Stormtroopers are much more resilient and effective than in the movies.

I couldn't tell you the exact page, but they mention the armor's effectiveness in Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader when they're discussing the stormtroopers as the Empire's upgrade from the clone army.

For more sources or information you could always check Wookieepedia and search Stormtrooper.
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You're right, I confused the two. Yeah, he really should have thought that through.
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I kept looking up at the original picture to see if you actually corrected some of the text.......needless to say I felt quite stupid after seeing the apple logo
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Made in China AND made of Plastic.....
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Same thing.
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Slightly related.
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Love that game
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What game is that?
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yes because highly concentrated light that is shot in one beam of about 50 cm long is not just hotter than the sun.... I'm impressed these didnt go through many of them with one shot!
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I'd just use mirror armor... Use a purely reflective substance or something like chrome on the outside, and then the bulletproofing and such on the inside. Other than very specific laser types, it would just reflect (look it up, it's true. Purely reflective substances negates the absorbing of heat from the light (as virtually no light is absorbed), and therefore renders the laser useless).

Cheap, easy. Victory.
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Assuming these guns had been around for more than 5,000 years in the star wars universe, you would think they would have made armor for it by then.
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Honestly, I'd prefer Terran marine armor. It fits on a (mostly) realistically sized human, it's practically just as big and powerful, and.. well.. really it looks like it would be easier to move in.
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well said
well said
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So.. you're saying you wouldn't wear one when fighting one of these big ass ******* ?
(FYI, they spit poison/acid covered barbed spikes)
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Even if you were brave, you'd be ******* dead.
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What I'm meaning is, those battle armors are what makes the fight EVEN. Remove those and you don't even have a chance... unless you're a Ghost.. but that's a different story.
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defeating a sandwich will only make it tastier
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Actually the Imperial Storm Trooper armor was initially designed to better defend against blast fire than the Clone Trooper armor made on Kamino. To counter this the Alliance Army (aka Rebel Alliance) purchased a vast number of DH-17 rapid fire blaster rifles, and A280 armor piercing blaster rifles from Blastech Industries. The A280 was one of the most powerful armor piercing rifles during the Galactic Civil War, and at a close enough range could cut a fully armored Storm Trooper in half.
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Poor Storm Troopers, maybe if they had a God-Emperor they wouldn't be so squishy
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If they sent 10 angry marines to take out the death star instead of Luke Skywalker and a handful of rag-tag pilots the final ark in the original star wars would have been a hell of a lot shorter.
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shorter, and a whole lot more entertaining
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Darth Vader getting gang banged by Angry Marines...Lord Palpatine would be sickened and curious.
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weapons evolve in relation to armor
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I know that feel, bro.
******* Legendary...
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or by Apple
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so made in chine= made by apple
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made for apple
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I read somewhere it was to make it harder for them to have 'identities' and it's easier to not give a **** about them and make them look intimidating more than for actual protection.
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