Look, this guy is a Hero!. Look, this guy is a Hero! imfunny.net/look-this-guy-is-a-hero/. Fl hours ago 1, a 131 I met a girl at” and of course, as it would hap funny images funny pictures funny kids sayings and quot funny sayings funny people funny ima
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Look, this guy is a Hero!

Fl hours ago 1, a
I met a girl at” and of course, as it would happen, stuff
happened. I had no intention of starting to like this girl, but I did,
and to my dismay, the morning after the night Aslepp over her
house Imretarded to remain asleep as I heard her talking to her
roommates about how her boyfriend would be showing up soon
and she needed a way to wake me up to get me out of the house.
She never once mentioned having a boyfriend, so Idid what any
man would do. I pretended to remain asleep until
the time her boyfriend was supposed to show up and casually
walked out of her room into the living room completely naked to
the awe of her lovely roommates, and to the dismay of her
boyfriend Chalked up to him, shook his hand, and calmly said,
Bro, you need to get a new girl, this one sleeps around. Just
found out she had a boyfriend today after she invited me over."
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