historical facebook updates. . E News Feed Top Hews " Most Recent @ What' s on yew mind? Abe Lincoln Going re the theater tonight with the missus. -- get privat

historical facebook updates

E News Feed Top Hews " Most Recent @
What' s on yew mind?
Abe Lincoln Going re the theater tonight with the missus. -- get private has seats,
lda were ago I Comment . Like
iii Jenn Wilkes Booth likes this,
Ben Franklin Signed up the declaration ct independence Leda; Booyah,
234 were age - Comment I Like
sh Frame likes this,
a England ‘Fee memes up new.
a 25 minutes age . Like
we minus Bring it.
25 minutes age . Like
9) the Franklin the Terminate duff stand a mares.
ii 15 minutes age . Like
Therese He Hem? litters Elie DEE ?
8 minutes age . Like
i' ici;' John Harness was sign ? Creme!
5 minutes age . Like
the Se we gathered.
N 2 minutes age . Like
u' i. Ancient Asteroid is hittin' up earth teem, if ye knew what I mean.
I Rex
5 minutes age . Like
34 minutes age . Like
33 minutes age . Like
Earth FM.
30 minutes age . Like
Eer:'. ' each Whatnots.
12 minutes age . Like
Cele mine Space Shuttle h/ passing inte the atmosphere on our way
back m Earth! The homecomming party is genna be actress
T were we - Comment ' Like
Hie Central -uh, guys?
25 minutes age . Like
Galilee an tune out the earth... gees around the sun. Mime knew?
will were ago , Comment ' Like
likes this,
i The belial' . and yeti smellin' bro
1 hour age . Like
Galilee Nothing. We an lessen. first
57 minutes age . Like
j' ":' l The niece rapilight serioused cut it as bro LI’ metre usages
i':, i. 42 minutes age . Like
Galilee No Fm rial, "lire". Want is see my proad'?
36 minutes age . Like
29 minutes age- Like
Charles Darwin Crazy news... leeks like all living creatures ttom were
basic forms ever millennia.
st 151 were ago - Comment I Like
it The Chruch heme u mean’ bro?
40 min mes age . Like
Charters Darwin l' . is-
27 minutes age . Like
it '. 25 minutes age . Like
t.. ' Julius Cesar My boys pulled tegether a lil' get tegether at the case tonight.
r.( f Gonna be killer party.
SE 53 were ago ' Comment , Like
Hiatus Oh it' ll be killer alright.
3 hears age . Like
i.,'..,", Jaime Caesar Hahah drm' t be creepy, dude.
3 2 hears age . Like
Geri Hells? Anyone?
were age (a to The Holy Bible] . Comment . Like
Geri Se boogermen.
T days age . Like
God created Light
5 J. Gee Lamas be it.
T days ago . Like
Ca God created the heavens and the Earth
H seer created Adam
God center its better
1 day ago . Like
a' God created Eve
sh Geri and The snake Elie this
God Hells yeah. ' shrine.
1 damago . Like
ii The I kid better.
3 hears age . Like
tlt Adam and Eve created Original Sin
sh The Ehrlich lites Iris.
Gereken Ilia..- can"!
5 hears age . Like
Jesus Dort' , Wu“.
3 hears age . Like
Tile his bitchslapped a pussy lil' iceberg en my way m NY
33 were age , Comment , Like
eh letharg ?
3_* hears
Yeah sucks, we maids .
1 hour age . Like
i, 55 minutes age . Like
new T?
42 minutes age . Like
aerg mes he wiser near?
ail minutes age . Like
The Titanic String Quartet T, year was Lute step Haydn?
25 minutes age . Like
new Nope. ' Ttritty me.
211 minutes age . Like
Issac limetten God damned apple tell out of a tree and hit me ch the head.
344 were so . Comment ' Like
Isaac Heme Whoa, wait a secure-.-
25 minutes age . Like
thier Pests _
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#1 - teranin (02/14/2013) [-]
one of those rare opportunities for me to use this gif
one of those rare opportunities for me to use this gif
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