every day so far.... . EVER BANNER A YOURSELF Bl A MIRROR. ciivil was mun um". Yes.
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You are what people hate
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MFW when i see myself in the mirror.
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I don't mind the way I look, but when I see a ******* 300 lb Laquisha in booty shorts saying, "I'm fine as hell." That's when I get ******* disgusted.
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Whats annoying is where my dad put my bed at his place.
In my room now (as me and my brother must share) There's a double bed and a single bed.
The single bed is right in front of this giant mirror, so whenever I feel like having a wank in my bed, I occasionally catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and then it puts me off.
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ever catch a glimps of SO MANY ******* REPOSTS that it ruins your day
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