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#204 - rimmerdall (02/16/2013) [-]
its not really stining on top of a Vulcano, since the entire yelowstone is an Volcano, it sits in it
User avatar #205 to #204 - nickotak (02/17/2013) [-]
"Yellowstone national park" is on top of it. It's not surrounded by lava is it?
#206 to #205 - rimmerdall (02/18/2013) [-]
that would be becuse its only lava when it is outside the Earth. until tit erupts, it will stay underground in the form of magma. and the rim of the Vulcano goes up around the the entire park, and the park sits in the crater of the Vulcano, thereby it is in the Vulcano, kinda like water is inn a bucket, and not on top of the bucket.
#207 to #206 - nickotak (02/18/2013) [-]
Ahhh… Thanks!
Ahhh… Thanks!
#208 to #207 - rimmerdall (03/21/2013) [-]
np :)
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