Difference Between PC and Consoles. . The difference between anf'. ugghhhhh guys? Commandment # 4
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#26 - doopleganger (02/13/2013) [-]
ugghhhhh guys? Commandment # 4
#47 to #26 - wiredrage (02/13/2013) [-]
you cant argue with neckbeards...
#43 - beerholder (02/13/2013) [-]
Why the **** storm, it's true, nobody can deny this!
User avatar #30 - KayRed (02/13/2013) [-]
I still think Saints Row the Third is better.
User avatar #9 - zytherman (02/12/2013) [-]
GTA for PC
Now with less maps.
#52 to #9 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
what do you mean less maps? as far as i know GTA on PC is the only version of GTA that has maps available for it.
User avatar #12 to #9 - feffog ONLINE (02/13/2013) [-]
because its impossible to download stuff on a computer
User avatar #72 to #12 - zytherman (01/26/2014) [-]
I've left it ALL this time.
To explain to you how stupid you are
The second "PC" image has no map
You ******* bellend.
User avatar #67 to #12 - zytherman (02/13/2013) [-]
I... I don't understand what you mean.
User avatar #37 - mechanichore (02/13/2013) [-]
When I tell people I'm a gamer and they ask what console I have....It's just so hard to stop laughing!
User avatar #57 - rdangerdash (02/13/2013) [-]
I mostly just play older games so this means nothing to me. PC elitists can't handle me not caring how good their graphics are.
#54 - zomaru (02/13/2013) [-]
Simply buy a controller for your PC.
+Can still mod games.
+Can use you're controller for driving.
+Can switch over to mouse for aiming.
User avatar #61 to #54 - amaleplatypus (02/13/2013) [-]
Can spend more for a machine to do so though.

Don't get me wrong, no intelligent person can look at a console and believe it's better than a PC. Maybe the controllers designed for it, but not the console itself. But the price tag on going out and getting a rig (or, like myself, buying the parts and throwing one together) can be much more expensive up front for someone who likes to occasionally play in their spare time.

Also, too many console exclusives. Console users jelly at PC graphics, PC just wants some developer attention.
#27 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
I say that the only graphical style in which computers can outdo consoles is realism. Every other style is completely subjective. I still don't get why people want video games to be more like the real world. It seems counter to the whole point of a fictional universe.
User avatar #34 to #27 - luidias (02/13/2013) [-]
I agree with you to an extent. I also think that going straight for realism is boring, I like craziness in video games, it makes them more interesting and fun.

However, on a PC, with much higher graphical capabilities, you can make these crazy, loopy, twisted, amazing games just that much more beautiful by adding tons of extra detail to its visuals. In short, the PC just gives you more options with what you can do graphically, and those options are in no way limited to just realism.
User avatar #45 to #34 - honeybiscuit (02/13/2013) [-]
I'd like to support your argument with Borderlands 2. In no way is it realistic, in gameplay or artstyle. But on the PC you can crank out the PhysX effects. I love seeing hundreds of tiny pieces of shrapnel and other junk, such as the goo effect from corrosive guns, flying everywhere. Or seeing the sparks from electric weapons skitter across the ground before fizzling out. Even better when you phaselock with Maya, or throw a singularity grenade and ALL of it gets picked up into a giant swirling mass off **** , that explodes all over the place. Sex joke.

Dark Souls runs way better too, get more than 2 frames in Blight Town. . . just saiyan.
#11 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
$5000 computer
$250 xbox
#33 to #11 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
5000 is a bit extreme. Maybe 500. Mine was a bit less than that, recently built, and I run even Crysis, and all newer games on max with a solid 60+ frames.
User avatar #13 to #11 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
My friend just built a $2000 computer that can run Crysis maxed out, so $5000 is a bit excessive. You never have to buy a new computer, just occasionally upgrade a part here or there every few years. With consoles, you have to buy an entire new system every few years. Over the years, buying a new console and a few $50 controllers for each new console can add up.
My point is that PCs cost more upfront, but can last infinitely longer than consoles and therefore, are a more cost-effective solution.
User avatar #14 to #13 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
thats cool, but im just a casual gamer. i play games like halo and dead space and the graphics are good enough. i cant computer good, so its like asking a 90 year old retiree if they want a ferrari to drive to church every sunday. besides i like the controller interface better than a keyboard and mouse
User avatar #15 to #14 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
I don't understand why everyone jumps to the controller argument...
You can get a controller and hook it up to your PC.
I use a wired xbox controller for most of my games anyway.
If you want to say anything about controllers, you could say that the PC is the best optiont. I can use any controller I want (With enough modding), or I can just buy a wired xbox/ps3, or I can use the keyboard and mouse.
tl;dr there is no argument for controllers
User avatar #16 to #15 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
fair enough
i still dont feel like spending that much money just so i can see the tire tread on the car im driving in GTA IV.
besides, i know your friend spent a lot of money on a reliable, well-running machine. but over the 6 years or whatever it takes for microsoft to come out with the next gen xbox, pc technology will improve as well. so the three 2.5 GHz processors or whatever your friend has in his computer, computer designers will release a 6 GHz or some crazy **** processor in that same time frame.
in summation, no matter how badass of a computer you have, it will ALWAYS be outdated in a few years
User avatar #17 to #16 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
same with consoles though. Consoles are always updating every 3/4 years. In which case, they stop making games for the old consoles. So if you ever want to play any games, you need to buy the entire new system and the controllers and new games. No matter how dated the PC becomes, you can always buy new games and use the same system and the same controllers. Sure you might have to update the system every now and again, with a new part here, or a new part there, but the would be equivalent to buying 2 new controllers for a new console so your friends can play with you.
User avatar #18 to #17 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
like i said, i cant computer good.
it would be pointless for me to even try
ill just buy the damn console like the sheep i am haha
besides, there will always be remakes and emulators for old games. i can play crash bandicoot 2 on PS3 or super mario 64 on wii. its just way cheaper
User avatar #19 to #18 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
You don't have to know how to computer good. You can find literally anything on the internet. Go search for a guide on how to build your own PC. What parts you need, where to put what in the case. Which wire goes where. Or just find a friend to do it for you.
User avatar #20 to #19 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
look man, im a car guy, so its like saying i could take a $1500 '99 civic, bore out the 2.0 L engine to a 2.6, shave the block down for better compression ratio, throw in some titanium valves/cams and piston rings, redo the entire drivetrain fron the clutch to the tires, install racing injectors and a turbo charger, and make it do a 10 second 1/4 mile.
but ill stick to my truck to get me from home to work to school
its just way less headache to play console
User avatar #21 to #20 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
I know nothing about cars but I am confident I can build one from scratch with some proper instructions
User avatar #22 to #21 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
surely, with enough time and effort im sure i could build my own pc as well. but i just dont have the money, time or necessity for a custom pc.
thanks for trying to convert me though, Mr. Gates. haha
User avatar #53 to #21 - honeybiscuit (02/13/2013) [-]
Consider the following. In the time it would take you to figure out and build your awesome car, you could have bought a lower performance car that would get you to where you wanted to go, and already been there.

I'm all for PC, and I love mine to death. But I don't want to try and convince someone to make one and convert. What if all their friends play Xbox and they're the only one with the PC once they make it? Or maybe they don't really play games that often and an unused gaming rig would be a bigger waste than an unused Xbox.
User avatar #60 to #17 - demonictoasters (02/13/2013) [-]
Oh I'm sorry 7-8, you aren't getting that mileage out of a computer that cost near as much. So for less I can have a system that plays all current games for quite awhile without having to replace parts and upgrade. Thumb down all you want. doesn't change facts.
User avatar #36 to #17 - demonictoasters (02/13/2013) [-]
3-4 years? They are only updated case wise, all specs stay the same. A console can run all current games for about 10 years before a replacement is made for next gen. Computers running close to the price range of a console nedd ot be update a bit more.
User avatar #69 to #36 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
Have fun playing new games on your outdated system when the newer model comes out
User avatar #71 to #69 - demonictoasters (02/13/2013) [-]
I won't be buying a new system, I got this thing called life, see how practical it is. I didn't put any time into my console or large amount of money, so it's not a waste that it's going to be sitting for awhile. Btw I haven't had to buy a new system for seven years, so if I did it would be a new investment for another 7 years. No worries on viruses or having to upgrade parts. So thanks.
User avatar #23 to #14 - burritosupreme (02/13/2013) [-]
You can hook up your computer to a TV and get an Xbox controller made for computer gaming.
#29 to #13 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
Yeah, thats cool, except upgrading a single piece to a PC can cost just as much as as an entire console. Also, don't PCs use keyboards and mice? Those guys cost $70+ if you want one good enough to game on. And those sure as hell don't last a life time. Only benefit to the argument is that you can always play the games you've purchased for many many many years, where as consoles are hardly backwards compatible. Then again! There are OS changes that can make that difficult without emulation too!
User avatar #68 to #29 - lypticapoca (02/13/2013) [-]
a one time purchase of $70 for a decent keyboard and mouse and you find that expensive? Please tell me more about how your multiple controllers for all of your systems cost you less than $70 total
#44 to #11 - robotrone (02/13/2013) [-]
even $750 on a custom PC can run any current top of the line games just fine, where the 			****		 do you get your information?
even $750 on a custom PC can run any current top of the line games just fine, where the **** do you get your information?
#70 to #44 - thehans (02/13/2013) [-]
Look up in the sky!
its a bird
its a plane
NO! its SARCASM!!!!!!!!!!
User avatar #25 to #11 - thewebspinner (02/13/2013) [-]
250$ xbox. Can't browse funnyjunk. I assume you're accessing the internet via toaster then? I'm guessing you already own a pc which probably cost you 300$ minimum.

You can build a decent pc for 550 and upgrade it when you have the money.
#32 to #11 - iizpurple ONLINE (02/13/2013) [-]
five grand? is it made by apple and alienware?

User avatar #24 - stunning (02/13/2013) [-]
If i wanted real life i would go outside
User avatar #58 - Onemanretardpack (02/13/2013) [-]
>"Gaming isn't all about graphics"
>"Lel ur gay60 haz shyte graffics cunt, lel pc materrace"

**** , some of us just want to play. I have PC games that I play, and I have games I play on consoles. The main difference between the two types of games that I play on either one is the controls. Some games just play better for me on a controller, not to mention that some games are console/pc exclusive
#62 to #58 - Tiblets (02/13/2013) [-]
#64 to #58 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
you can use ANY controller on a pc

many games (like gta iv here) are the same gameplay wise like on console, only with better graphics. it's true that graphics only doesn't make any game, but the same game with better graphics is simply superior. PC games are mostly moddable which makes the games better worth (GTA IV, Skyrim for example and Just Cause 2 or GTA SA multiplayer only available on PC thanks to mods)
#73 to #58 - Rascal (03/08/2014) [-]
The only reason i would say HUR DURR PC MASTURRACE. is because you can play without being locked at like 30 fps/jesus its smooth on pc compared to console
#49 - honeybiscuit (02/13/2013) [-]
**honeybiscuit rolled a random image posted in comment #447909 at Friendly ** The sad truth, that we as PC gamers must accept. Most game companies develop with consoles in mind. Even if our computers are top of the line, we can only hope that when they release the game on PC, they had the decency to open up the graphics options to us. At least let me change my FOV to something less eye rapey than 70, amirite?

God damn do the games look good when they let us actually utilize the PC's true power though.

But srsly guise. Stop trying to convert the console guys. You don't see them trying to convert us to consoles. They spend most of their time just trying to defend their decision. Even if they're missing out. Let them live on blissfully unaware of what could be. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those times of console centric innocence. When life and resolutions were simpler. Those were the days. . .
#10 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
price difference between an xbox/ps3 and a pc which can run a massive difference in quality= ????
#63 - benttoyourwill (02/13/2013) [-]
If you base a games whole experience on graphics then you are a sad, sad person. One of the best games I ever played was Ocarina of Time and last time I checked that was for the N64. Let's look at other examples of great, unforgettable gaming series. Pokemon (Multiplatform. All console.), Metroid series (Multiplatform. All console), Mario (Multiplatform. All console. Considered best platformer series ever made), Final Fantasy series (Multiplatform. All Console/Handheld console. Set a new standard in RPG gameplay), Jak and Daxter series (PS2), Halo series (Xbox/Xbox360. Revolutionized online gaming), Call of Duty series (Multiplatform. Started on console, ported to computer. Revolutionized online gaming again), Goldeneye (N64. Revitalized multiplayer versus modes), Perfect Dark (N64), Zelda series (Multiplatform. All console.), Pac-Man (Arcade system), God of War series (Playstation 2 and 3), Grand Theft Auto series (Started on console, ported to computer. Pushed the limits on what a video game can show in regard to grit and violence). Other than WoW, Diablo and Elder Scrolls can you name a true PC game (That didn't start on a console) that will be truly immortalized in some form or way and has grew a branch on the gaming tree from which other games grow off of? I am in no way attacking PC players for their choice of gaming, all i'm saying is that these "Filthy console peasants" you speak of are the people that built the stairs that enabled you to reach that golden pedestal you feel like you all deserve to step on for being "Prettier". Why can't we all get along and agree to disagree instead of looking like monkeys ******** into our hands and throwing it at each other.
#65 to #63 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]

Why every console fan starts with attacking the better graphics? jealousy? maybe, because they seem to forget that the gameplay stays the same as on consoles. only with better graphics and moddability.

why a gaming on pc is better? 1 reason is enough: mods. really... i wish consoles had mods too (i own both x360 and ps3 too). i couldn't play skyrim or gta on consoles anymore. but i guess that's just me.
#66 to #65 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
also... every game EVER is started on PC (as they create it on PC anyway) but GTA series started on PC in 97 on DOS and 98 on Win and PS
#56 - Rascal (02/13/2013) [-]
>inb4 *********
User avatar #35 - Milvath (02/13/2013) [-]
needs more red
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