Did You Know...?. I do now.... did you knew? This is what a 2 liter soda bottle looks like when it arrives at the bottling plant and before it is inflated. i Love You


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And that's only before inflating it.
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Sometimes i put tampons in my asshole and pour water on them so i can feel them grow inside.
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log in, OP, we all know it's you
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I worked at a pepsi bottling factory for a week cause it was work my temp agency gave me. I got to do lab work on the bottles to make sure they were strong enough to withstand being pressurized. What they didn't tell me was that I was also supposed to make sure the bottles and preforms didn't jam and I was supposed to refill the blow molder.

So about and hour into doing my lab work the molder ran out and everyone was running around panicking because the whole assembly line shut down, and I was just standing there looking like an idiot.
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You had ONE job...

But also, hah!
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Dude, how did you make that avatar? I want one :3
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I didn't make it, I found it. I've got all of the MGS avatars, pictures, gifs...
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Great isn't it?
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**beefking rolled a random image posted in comment #520287 at Friendly ** DELICIOUS!
**beefking rolled a random image posted in comment #520287 at Friendly ** DELICIOUS!
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**dontscream rolled a random image posted in comment #2962868 at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ** Bueno
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**beefking rolled a random image posted in comment #100 at The shadows of his past ** Let us FEAST!
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Hey now! This is not a correct way to show inflation!
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i dont usually laugh at Obama jokes... but.
i dont usually laugh at Obama jokes... but.
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Am I weird for staring at these two comics until the finger points matched up?
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Its a 45gram Polyethyline Teraphalite (PET) Resin preform. The machines that make these are about 600 tons and they feed in resin threw a screw (which melts the plastic) A mold than shuts at 400 tons of pressure and a plunger pushes in the molten resin with 2600 psi of air pressure. The mold has water running through the inside so when the pressure is released they cool instantly (Otherwise it would turn pure white due to crystalinity). These things haunt my dreams and my everday and I wish them to never exist. 8C

(I work for a plant that makes these as an Injection Operator and it ******* sucks)
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I can even tell you that the resin type is more than like PS7000 CSD Resin for Cold Fill Preforms. Heat set resin 2201 or 8006 are the gatorade bottles that are more sturdy.
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I scrolled down to see if someone in the comments knew how this works
I see your comment
Well that's oddly specific to what I was hoping for
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So that's just to make what is in the picture above and not the end bottle?
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Yeah. The end bottle is processed through a machine called a blow molder. It feeds it in through a conveyor than than sticks a rotating plunger into each preform. The preform rotates inside an oven for about 30 seconds (Rotating to maintain even temperature) Than they flip over into a mold that clamps around it. the plunger is replaced with a air nozzle that blow pressurized air into the preform forming it into a bottle. They harden instantly and the mold opens. Viola ... a bottle. (I dont work in blow molding so I dont know as much over there)
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You sound like a smart person and yet you wrote "threw" instead of "through", im intrigued
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I just finished my 12 hour shift a few hours ago. I am very tired so allow a few mistakes please.
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I know, im just being a dick, forgive me
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Why you don't like your job?
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I should be bitching honestly. Its mainly the managers. They make us run these machines 4 at a time and expect us to have everything perfect. But im 21 and make 22 dollars an hour doing this stupid **** . They work you hard but you get paid for it.

We have to do Quality checks each hour while maintaining cleanlyness(Each quality check taking around 10 minutes). Fix the machine any time it goes down. Cover each others breaks. And weigh each and every preform so it meets a certain standard. (Also, When these machines break down they drop around 500-1000 of those preforms, you guessed it, ALL over the floor)
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oh oh oh, and the main kicker... 12 hour shifts.
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i want a .gif of one inflating
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Seen it on How its Made, so yes.
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love that show :3
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Back when i was quite young, a team from our school was taken on an expedition to a bottling factory.
Showed them these are how the bottles are when they are not inflated.
Asked the students if anyone wants to have one to take back home.
Most ladies took one.
Didn't know how useful it could be back then. Did not bother to ask either.
Now that I am grown up, I realized why the girls accepted them so happily back then.
MFW the realization.
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Stick your dick in it, faggot.
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Is your dick really that small?
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You fool!! I knew this already, I watch "How it's Made".
You fool!! I knew this already, I watch "How it's Made".
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Wait, WHAT? Link me to that episode!!
Wait, WHAT? Link me to that episode!!
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5 minutes documentary:   
5 minutes documentary:
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"almost instantly" clicked on that link
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That'd be PERFECT to stick in my butt!
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Just wait till it gets inflated
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That's what I meant
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Is this legit? I feel really dumb for asking.
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dude, everything on the internet is true, everyone knows that.
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yes it is would be a waste of space otherwise
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Coincidentally, that's also the same size of OP's dildo before they inflate it.
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Double coincidentally that's OP's condom after being inflated
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Did you know that if you say the words 'did you know' in front of any sentence, most people will believe it?
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It works even better when you whisper it.
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Did you know every time you **** I am there softly tracing the ring of your anus with my pinky
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Did you know, This statement is false?

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That actually looks pretty cool; I'd prefer it if they sold something like packs of those little vials. That would be kickass.
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Now this would be great for the environment
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Sarcasm, much?
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