Ghosts. I like conspiranoic/paranormal stuff. I don't believe in it, but I find it so interesting. So, could you please amaze me?. Why ghosts pass through walls i like turtles
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Ghosts. I like conspiranoic/paranormal stuff. I don't believe in it, but I find it so interesting. So, could you please amaze me?. Why ghosts pass through walls

I like conspiranoic/paranormal stuff. I don't believe in it, but I find it so interesting. So, could you please amaze me?

Why ghosts pass
through walls
of of
emcee 1978
Ghosts continue to follow the
routes they used when alive, even
if the house has been rebuilt sinew
that time. This is why they seem to
eliana up stairs that new longer exist
or are able an glide through walls.
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Submitted: 02/11/2013
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#2 - Mebeshe (02/12/2013) [-]
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User avatar #1 - dabronydude (02/11/2013) [-]
one theory about ghosts is that they are like an echo of a past life, they simply do what the person was doing when alive, the more emotional or worried a person was when doing something the more chance the echo will too...
its a good idea...
#12 to #1 - jakeattack (02/12/2013) [-]
like bloodstains in dark souls!
User avatar #19 - sketchysketchist (02/12/2013) [-]
What if ghost are just people from the past or future that we're able to see due to microscopic wormholes causing different times to overlap?
#22 to #19 - anon (02/12/2013) [-]
Sort of makes me think what Solaire says in Dark Souls..
#29 to #19 - zurk (02/13/2013) [-]
If this was true then it would probably be the coolest thing ever.    
Too bad it isn't; it really would make a lovely story.
If this was true then it would probably be the coolest thing ever.
Too bad it isn't; it really would make a lovely story.
User avatar #30 to #19 - jurto (02/15/2013) [-]
That's the coolest explain I've ever witnessed. That is awesome!
#5 - wretchedlarva (02/12/2013) [-]
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#28 - anon (02/12/2013) [-]
Anon because I don't feel like being thumbed down, but I just wanted to write this out.

What if ghosts aren't actually dead people? What if they are others from an alternate universe looking in? And they are seen/felt in places that are famous for horrific acts because they are emotionally charged atmospheres that attract consciousness? Usually ghosts are just figures, shapes, or movements.. I mean, that's what most sightings encompass. I liked to explore the idea that people from alternate universes unintentionally look in through their dreams, and vice-versa for us. Some dreams we have are impossible, warped and whatnot. Other times they're weird nightmares, or pathwork chronicles of lives never lived. (At least that's what they're like for me.)
My fascination for dreams has always been fueled by the fact that often times, during the dreams I was always just but I wasn't. Despite the fact that a lot of my dreams were fantastic and very detailed, I wasn't usually a character in it. However, I felt the emotions of the characters/people in the dreams as they were happening. I even felt emotions of just the atmosphere.
In a story I wrote, the possibility of multiple universes is suggested (despite highly doubting this myself. I like to fiddle around with ideas.) and the main character inadvertently traveled through them through her dreams. Often times she was in a place where tragedy occurred or where strong emotion happened/was happening. The fact was that that ability was with every person who ever lived, she was just particularly good at figuring it out, remembering them and cultivating the ability. This was explained like.. 120 pages in, so I won't try to explain it now. Sometimes people reacted to her presence as if they saw a ghost. So it's fun to think of it as a fantastical possibility, even though it's surely not true.

It's just a thought for you Paranormal lovers.
I'll go now.
User avatar #10 - mookiez (02/12/2013) [-]
I like a theory that ghost could be a time paradox. Whatever the past human did still happens through the time paradox. opening doors going through walls. All it is, is just time distortion. I thought of this theory on myself when I was exploring the north american rayon company ( bomb factory, I almost took a old bomb, but decided it was to heavy.) Here in Elizabethton Tn. A big ass 500 pound steel door opened up by itself. This place has been abandoned for 20 years. So the door is very rusty. And didn't make the slighted noise. I had three people with Me that said the same thing, that it opened up by itself. I don't know. Just a theory I came up with. Who knows what kind of power the brain holds, that even after death it still affects the world. And there is not much info on the north american rayon company. It is shrouded in secrecy. They just said all they did was make rayon for parachuters. But they did make bombs. I saw a lot of old bombs in there. I don't know if any were active. I also lifted a 60 pound manhole cover. And this 90 degree fog came out of it. It was blistering hot. I still don't know what to make of that. There was also a huge 500 pound manhole in an area of this building that was hard to get to. I was unable to open it. But if i had to guess, that is where I think they keep most of the inactive or active bombs.
#8 - realbacon (02/12/2013) [-]
#6 - whenallelsefails (02/12/2013) [-]
I'm also like you, i don't believe in paranormal but I'm very interested some how...
User avatar #9 - acar (02/12/2013) [-]
A lot of the stuff about ghosts seems legitimate if you can accept they are real.
User avatar #13 - Omegashenron (02/12/2013) [-]
Explain how and why a ghost would exist.
User avatar #14 to #13 - imalex (02/12/2013) [-]
to revenge something, to finish something they never completed, idk more google it
User avatar #15 to #14 - Omegashenron (02/12/2013) [-]
Doesnt make sense to me is all. Im facsinated with ghosts but i dont even believe in them.
User avatar #20 to #15 - imalex (02/12/2013) [-]
there is a tale about a house where i live, it was a 3 story house in the 18hundreds were there lived a dentist and his family, one night it started burning, in pure desperation the youngest girl ran up to the third floor and hid there, all the other got out but her body was never found and their was no remains, now there is a school where that building once stood and she still walks in the attic, but now the school attic. you can hear her screams from time to time if you are under the attic, and if you are up in the attic you can see hear run and hide it really freaks the schoolkids out and its really freaky because me and some friends snook up there and saw it with our own eyes
our teacher who is an old man and know about the tale says it is believed she is still here because she never got to say goodbye to her family

#27 to #20 - chudboy (02/12/2013) [-]
Just goes back to that way of looking at something. If you can't explain it, or don't understand it. Look for the easiest explanation for yourself. Since for yourself, you can understand that cause, and it might be more probable for you. Which is fair enough. Just sayin' though. Watch Scooby Doo for example. No supernatural **** going on there, when it does seem like it in some episodes. But there's always a logical explanation to "scary" things.
#26 to #20 - chudboy (02/12/2013) [-]
There's no substantial evidence, or facts that prove Ghost exist. I'm always amazed why people don't look into something more logical. Rather than going straight to that "Supernatural" explanation, if something odd has happened. "Oh I heard an unexplained noise last night...... And I probably won't look into it...... IT MUST BE GHOSTS" I too am fascinated by the myth of ghost, and the stories. Mainly because of the stories, since their usually pretty cool. But again, it's a myth for myself.
#25 to #20 - chudboy (02/12/2013) [-]
It's always a "Tale" with Ghosts. "There's a tale that this house is haunted". And if your mind is more vulnerable, it's more prone to cause tricks on you.
#24 to #20 - chudboy (02/12/2013) [-]
It's more of a psychological thing really. Since the story is imprinted in your mind, and your going up to that attic, your brain just goes to an over drive mode. You become more and more anxious, since the story is going through your head. You become paranoid, and your mind just plays tricks.
User avatar #16 to #15 - scottza (02/12/2013) [-]
Then you just haven't experienced them. I've had non believers in my house change to believers. You don't necessarily need to be somewhere haunted to get activity. There are ways to call upon spirits. Be safe, however.
#23 - slikmonkey (02/12/2013) [-]
the only picture related in my folders
#11 - silvermoonelf has deleted their comment [-]
#21 - chudboy (02/12/2013) [-]
Or it is simply because Ghost don't exist, and only delusional people "see" them. Mind tricks people, Mind Tricks.
User avatar #18 - kiethstone (02/12/2013) [-]
maybe a ghost isn't a dead person's spirit. maybe they are actual organisms that have evolved far more intelligent then us, and can choose to take up matter when it conveniences them. and also just like ******* with humans?
User avatar #17 - whereistherumgone (02/12/2013) [-]
I walked into my living room today to find my phone on the table calling one of my friends... I'd been upstairs for 10 minutes and there was no one else in.
User avatar #7 - roguehazzard (02/12/2013) [-]
Wow, I actually have this book somewhere
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