Them feels.... . We 1350491975714 new , 194x260, ) as Anonymous no ) ) 05 25 15 No 457453554 Reyna _ _ Z_ hey aee ewe be some on story ewe be 15 shew,’ home we  Never be a cunt
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Them feels...

We 1350491975714 new , 194x260, )
as Anonymous no ) ) 05 25 15 No 457453554 Reyna _ _ Z_
hey aee ewe be some on story ewe
be 15
shew,’ home we
school was the only getaway e had
school seea! bored the seea out mime
to m home
wry day e weege waee around the any e was we en
same day as wry day we ‘named
stroll Into a dawn the steers shop
geeking at cos e ‘mesh e could have to
aeae was
we to check l out
young we out see was 9)
no new we bythe whee:
kneel next to aee
we we anon Are you okay?
l got lost new mummy and (hes store es scarey"
store was dark and had loud modern reek and alt playeed
waee we to tellyou nee ewe
yes please"
took aee out wee shop and waxed up and dawn the waee streets to retrace aee steps
WWY we are ‘haeking e ask aee name
ees lucy"
see es shy as fuck makes we ‘mesh e was we a cute swear
week Into the subway staion to ask lady nee can ese the Pato call aee mum
lucy pulls en my seen crawly
anon e ' s mummy marinara“
see new we and e mew close
mummys" see we en the lady
huge seea was aee mother
see thanks we aee peepees aee daughter
we to aee house aee Werner as thanks
ohfuckyes peg
mum was a sold I we
ate them and enjoyed the We chat ma aeae (amen;
Mays mother New call aee sarah)
see drops the awkward bomb
Mhan my lucy graves up e hope see hnds a handsome gentleman we you anon"
not seea weah to say get out a "thanks"
asks we to new and help aee around the house
husband aee aee and see had m wan around the house
ensued wry 3 er so days
wowee the Ewen paneled the ewe axed plumbing and attempted to me any aee New ear
the: new years
got stuck somewhere between daddy and brotherman my
post ens. get a dunk and en people are Interested, l gets really necking haw some
one ese. e stroll en any knocking
see some cunt standing en the
who are you?" (runny . week we top seea
sanae walks new the hall and catch s mm before he was gang to abuse we orwhatever
anon (hes es my nee bookend cu
cunt looks We he had been beat ween a baseball bat
cunt trys to be wee "how are ya?"
not bad"
leave the meg we and sense Keener alone
go to nee my
my does (hes hug (hung where e have to were aee everyeone e see aee er see gets mad
seen New exited?"
yeah anon, but mummy: nee bookend es creepy"
we neg brother mode "ts not good people on weer looks lucy"
may scurry aee
eryone to be funny we on my looks when we met, you would have though e was a alen"
no, e thunk you look wee anon"
cute as fuck
anon, can you gee cunt a hand muderer the please'
walk were the lounge and see cunt standing at the famously meter end
aee the oatmeal and move l a (swine and put l down
memes wee aee cunt looks we dead en the eye
we schythe new away new sanae. er geeking We you"
we put the Cabernet down
all e could thunk "cunt es geeking swans. get cut aee stay here"
make a seea excuse to leave
gee my a hug
new we we anon, e am scared accunt"
ts okay my we only a phone call away"
saved my number on auto aeae
stay awake a month, aee cunt get settled hast
have to ese agave
standing out the rant wee house, bulldog my courage
knock quetly and walk en
head seesawing dewong new the bedroom
sanae at my
rush were the mum and push though the door
see cunt pured up standing we sanae
Eck you, you slut"
e had heard enough
aee cunt square en the seea wee head
dazed aee a second
gets up and punches we amass the mum
fucked up reuse on nee. eyes aee. taste oxblood
cunt pulls a knee. New swede blade knee
sorry guys em drunk and want to get l out
cunt stabs we en the gut ween the knee
all e can week ewe es Keck ass and the knee seem
cups Keck en the door and save my beta ass
bleeding everywhere, sanae es eryone. never seen emery before
aeae my eryone new aee mum two doors down
cups an the new out accunt and throw mm en the ear
messure fades and and e grey out
all e aeae es “es anon okay, es anon okay" new both my and sanae
cups them down
eerier mum took about 4 veneers
wake up a day later, seea as new . neg aee about 5 Inches below my een cage
spend 2 weeks en the bed
no aee ewe. not my er sanae. not my een (army. only doctors and nurses
get released shrine 2 weeks
hast (hung e do es go to see sanae and my
walk en (Emmy We seea
Sarah, lucys"
sanae come haeking out and gees to hug we but stops beeson
em scurry Forthat anon, thank god you were were er he would have knead me"
Essene aee " okay
where es lucy?"
see es at the menses hospital"
aee fuck. what happened?'
cunt he"
Sarah breaks down and was on we
we raped Herman when see told we e lost
my whole world brake to paces around we
ese my en . shrunk care see got were
e suck around, sanae ore's we to we en a week
so e me ween them aee anothere years
aee day e got home new work
message on the counter
e een were ween all my enterance
takes about 20 veneers to get were runnang due to (rank
my es en a bed on we support
sanae es eryone
my veneers at we and says " we you anon" and gees were a N
my ded on we everythng aee 30 veneers
doctors l was a oneeleven and aee eigene system was destroyed by HIV/ AIDS
Sarah also got " we nee geeking any aee
an Comr# we 34 No 457458721 raga »4: : -. 52 »4: manz:. e »newmeme
cunt es see he parole en 2 years
e plan on peace new
Sarah es dong een and not a day gees try e we week of Lucy and aee oaee when e nest met aee en that basement on shop
makes me want a my of my we
hard two people are a Shem swans wage
every day e get en and walk that same mule e walked the day e met my
e dunno why an what e hope to achive
ts probably my way of punking meanng them that day
sunny bang such a shit up guys, my slow taing probably we to shit wanes in taking the tune to read
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