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#21 - crazycowhimself
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(02/10/2013) [-]
" the moment he realized he was gay"

ok so here's the scenario I imagine:
later-to-be-found-gay friend: "I think I'm gay"
your girlfriend: "let's find out"
*your girlfriend shows her pussy*
gay friend makes a certain face, implying he does not like the sight of a vagina.

sir, i don't think he's gay, i think he's an imposter..
#26 to #21 - isenseven [OP]
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(02/10/2013) [-]
No, it's a reenactment of when he was a younger.

He was going down on a girl, saw it, and from that day on he had no doubt that he was gay. I mean, it's not like just a sudden thing that happened, he obviously wasn't sure about his sexuality. This is just the most significant thing he can remember.