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#148 - prolygonagetbanned
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(02/09/2013) [-]
"what do you see there?"
"just a parking lot, a couple of cars... and that tree."
"ah yes, it's a nice tree."
"um yeah... so?"
"since that tree was planted, how many people do you think have laid eyes upon it?"
"um... I don't know... it looks like a pretty old tree... could be thousands..."
"yes, it would be up there wouldn't it. now imagine if we interview every person who has ever witnessed the existence of that tree, and took a record of the number of 'tree sightings' over the years, that would probably lead to thousands of accounts of that tree's existence."
"yeah, but there's only one tree"

#150 to #148 - prolygonagetbanned
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(02/09/2013) [-]
"... wait no that doesn't work. that tree is right there, we can all plainly see it. we can all agree on the continuity of it's existence. The analogy doesn't hold."
"of course not, we can all plainly see the tree, so we can all be empirically sure that there is only one, but have you ever seen the roots?"
"no but I'm sure if I dug it up I could see them."
"yes of course. But what of the soil and the bacteria and the minute chemical reactions that take place to keep that tree alive. can you see them?"
"uh... no... but they're there. they have been scientifically proven to exist."
"what about 200 years ago?"
"stupid religious people probably would've said that 'God' made the tree grow, or some religious bull."
"hmm and now let me ask you; has anything changed in 200 yrs?"
"well, we know things that we didn't know then. we have science, reason."
"but the tree has not changed?"
"no, we are just capable of seeing it differently"
" there is only one reality."
"yeah, it was always like that"
"so perhaps what we call biology, chemistry and science, and what they call God, are, and have always been, the same thing? now just better understood and renamed?"
"I guess..."
"Many different levels of understanding... many different witnesses... many different viewpoints... all viewing the same thing, by different names?"
#154 to #150 - notarepost
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(02/09/2013) [-]
thats cool and all but dont forget the people who just blindly follow authority and the fact that humans are compulsive liars. now imagine your analogy the same way, but it with lie. more people start to believe in it and tell other people, and after a while it seems everyone believes in it. once the people who told the lie die no one knows its not true and the lie grows on throughout history.

i don't want to tell you youre wrong and im right but i do want to make sure you to look at this from both points of view and youre not just preaching that youre right.
#161 to #154 - prolygonagetbanned
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(02/09/2013) [-]
you're absolutely right. History is wrought with liars. people who spread harmfull lies such as "god hates fags" and "Allah wants us to destroy the infidels" etc.
I believe this is why we were created with the ability to question and reject certain things.
in case you're interested, even the bible says "Question everything, and keep only that which is good." first theselonians 5:21-22
that's why I, as a religious person, love atheists. because they pick apart the lies and inconsistencies. so that in the end, only truly good religious teachings remain in circulation.
#199 to #161 - anon id: 61001782
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(02/09/2013) [-]
leave it up to the atheists to show you what is true and what is not? atheists have show religion to be all ********....so why dont you dump your silly myths and start living in reality.
#305 to #199 - soluvy
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(02/09/2013) [-]
You see? he tries to point out something good about the coexistence between theists and atheists, and you had to ruin it anon.
this is why we can't have nice things
User avatar #185 to #161 - grilled
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(02/09/2013) [-]
I like you (:
#166 to #161 - notarepost
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(02/09/2013) [-]
i am so glad that there are some people who understand that. just because someone quotes a source, doesnt mean they actually got it from there, or maybe they did but told it in the wrong way. we just need to get it into peoples heads that sometimes, culture and tradition and religion can hold us back.