Songs These Days. the muffin man and his baked goods.. 00 3: 20 A Song. Hating a song because it's new. e.e No thanks
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Hating a song because it's new. e.e
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Name one current pop/mainstream artist that has lyrical content with meaning to it. I would love to see lyrics too.
Name one current pop/mainstream artist that has lyrical content with meaning to it. I would love to see lyrics too.
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Two things:
1. Music doesn't have to be brooding and profound to be good.
2: Skrillex - All I Ask of You
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Macklemore- Same Love
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Kimbra, Pink, swedish house mafia.... most of the others do nothing for me
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Also, let's take a look at the past, shall we? I'm gonna pick the 80s. Cyndi Lauper was very popular back then. What did her lyrics consist of?
"Good enough, for you it's good enough for me it's good enough it's good enough for me ayayayaya"
Take off your nostalgia goggles. Lyrical content hasn't changed.
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I am pretty sure skrillex samples his lyrics so they aren't really his.

I never said all old pop music was good but if you compare lyrics from artist like pac/big/wutang clan/nas (90s) and then take a look at lil wayne/nicki minaj/2 chains/people like soulja boy(2011) and tell me it hasn't gotten worse, you would have to be lying to yourself.
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im going to make this clear before i have a huge bitch at you; i hate skrillex, he fails to make electro and fails to make dubstep, there is no point in him.

that aside sampling music isnt bad in any sense, the vast majority of electronic artists will use sample and all decent dj's will sample live. take this set for instance; , absolutely amazing set, but none of the songs are his.
this does fall down to individual songs, huoratron for instance makes songs from almost exclusively sampling and you cant deny that this is awesome
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Skrillex samples bits of vocals, but in the case of original songs he writes the lyrics and then has them recorded by other artists because he can't sing well anymore because he had throat surgery. Usually he samples vocals in his remixes, such as in Cinema.

For your second point, it's not the best idea to compare good artists to **** artists. Every decade has their good and bad musicians, just the bad ones aren't often remembered.
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Ah, ok.

I am talking about this decade though, not the last decade, this one isn't off to a good start. I suppose it really comes down to opinion whether you think an artist is good or not but from the looks of it, in my opinion this decade is going to be the worst for music. It just feels like the good to bad ratio is 1:20
Also I chose those people because they are what a lot of people consider to be the best of their time.
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ignore the charts!! there is so much good music out there, which countries you look at, and therefore labels, just depends on taste!!
electro: france
techno: germany
rock: west coast america (although good rock does seem to be in decline unless you like folk, /mu/ is always helpful if in in doubt though)
metal: scandinavia (duh)
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I don't know a lot of people that like Nicki Minaj or Soulja Boy, and I've never even heard of 2 Chains.
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