Funny. .. Alright, story time. I moved to a new high school at the beginning of my junior year and I started going out with a girl there after a week or two. She started


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Alright, story time.

I moved to a new high school at the beginning of my junior year and I started going out with a girl there after a week or two. She started telling me about her best friend who had committed suicide the year before I got there and how sad she had been about his death and whatnot. Days pass, I start hearing the exact same story from a great deal of the people there, all claiming to have been great friends with him. Over the first few weeks I started associating more with the social outcasts (like the kid that died) and found out his actual story. As it turns out, he only had one or two friends and those two really cared about him, but he felt hated and neglected by everyone else.

I'm not with her anymore, but the point is that if all of the people who claimed to care about him had cared when he was alive, he never would have killed himself.
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Take this from a person who's been on the bad end of that stick, that **** is ******* annoying as balls. When I had issues with people those people acted all like they cared for a minute of sympathy when I told them, but then within days they'd turn around and do the exact same thing all over again.

The thing is, people tend to try to do "the right thing",but at adolescent ages and maybe a lot older than that too, they truly have no ******* idea what that even means. The true meaning of the saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is in here.
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Indeed. The problem is that people like to think that problems like that can be fixed, so they try to fix them and when the problem simmers down they simmer down their efforts. They don't tend to think that they were doing something wrong in the first place, they tend to think that someone is reacting badly to something that's "normal," so they act better than they normally do so that the victim of their actions feels better. When they think they feel better, they go back to what is normal for them, not thinking that it is actually bad.
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Yeah. People lack so much introspective today. For some people that's fine, but people really have no idea. People always say they themselves are good people. But the truth would be that the ASSUME they're good people. One can only GUESS, and still not know sure, after examing their own entire life up to that point and constantly finding new perspective and objective observations which they can use to somehow GAUGE themselves, and in the mean time trying not to let social standards and dogmas tell them what is right.

Bah, this is getting waaaay too complicated for a friday night.
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One may never measure how good they are, only how bad. Good is measured by how you treat others, and thus it can only be claimed by those whom you effect.
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This exact same thing happened at my school earlier this year. A very popular girl died and the next week, everyone acted like they were her best friends. Well within a month, everyone but her real friends had forgotten about her. It was disgusting.
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My friend jon died a few days ago. He said he wanted noone at his funeral to be formal. He's being buried in a Def Leppard T-shirt, a six pack of beer, and a tin of snuff
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That's ******* cool.
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Did you happen to go to Lincoln Park High School in Chicago? This **** happens ALL THE ******* TIME.
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All the time? I'd be concerned.
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ohhhhhhh ho ho ho ho. you have no ******* idea.
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All. The. ******* . Time.
Amanda Toad is a good example of this too
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Amanda Toad?
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im going to write a will and in it, it will state all the people that were actually my friends throughout life just so no one can pull this ******** on my dead body
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implying anyone will think you were popular enough to generate attention
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yes that is implied, thank you
#18 to #16 - sledmondson ONLINE (02/08/2013) [-]
you didnt swear at me
#19 to #18 - frogthekermit (02/08/2013) [-]
thats because im...

pic related
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i actually have no quarrel with you but want to use this picture so now it's being used to show how i feel about not being able to use it properly, and it is therefore being used properly
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My friends mom died and about 20 people (Who never even talked to my friend) from school showed up at the funeral just to get out of class. The gif was my reaction to that
My friends mom died and about 20 people (Who never even talked to my friend) from school showed up at the funeral just to get out of class. The gif was my reaction to that
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That kid who kills himself.

Made fun of by the same people who later say they were friends with him.


They feel the dread of guilt, the closed in space that they involentarily caused the death of another- It does things to you, inside. It damages you. Your brain has to cope, to try and move on, without looking back- You make up lies. You try to say you were there for them, it wasn't your fault, you had nothing to do with it, you were with them the whole time.

But deep down, inside, you know you were part of the problem. You caused the death of another. And your instincts... Make it so you want to feel better of yourself.

That, or attention whores with daddy problems. Take it with a grain of salt, and possibly some salt from a boy who has had that same guilty feeling himself.
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This pisses me off more than anything.
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Also, I get annoyed when people glorify the person who died.

I actually was partners in science with a girl who died at my school. It was quite sad, but everyone kept going on and on about how she was never mean to anyone and would always be your friend. I knew her personally, and I could tell she was not nice all the time. And to cap off my rant, the school set up a memorial fund for her, and every sport event in the school donates money to it.
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Its the same thing for boys and girls. A kid in my brother's grade died and my brother acted like they were best friends even though they never hung out. I dont know why the **** people do that. It's really sick and pitiful. I really dont understand it.
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My facebook is filled with this because at my highschool the guy's birthday was yesterday. I only know 1 person who I know was genuine friends with him and he's the only one I show respect toward.
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do you go to school in new jersey by any chance
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