Batman and Spider-man. . Bun MP,. "Are yours?"
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probobly best use of that meme ever
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"Are yours?"
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I hate batman so much. He does not belong in the justice league. He is not a SUPER hero, there is nothing super about him. He's just a martial art master with some weird gadgets. At least iron man has a suit. Batman is just a regular guy who knows martial arts. He's just a detective with some toys, that's it. He's my least favorite super hero.
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But he's batman. End of discussion.
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There is a very simple answer to this cunt face. Don't read the comics.
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watch Justice League Doom
it should change your opinion

or your really retarded
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whoa whoa whoa bro, first of all batman has suits, he uses several of them in the comics/shows, second, he's regarded as one of the most intelligent of the justice leagues ranks, thats pretty damn close to a super power considering he's compared to a mind reading martian. not only that but the lack of super powers doesnt prevent him from holding his own against those with super powers in crossovers.. so yea.. just sayin...
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So he's smart... is Stephen Hawkins a super hero? No. Many professional Interrogators with enough training can basically read minds. Batman is not all that special. The comics ******* lie out of their asses. There's no way batman would even stand a chance against superman or for that matter, any real super hero. It's complete ******** . They'd all rip him apart.
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Batman is also in top physical condition. How many people do you know that are in top mental AND physical condition?

Also, all Batman needs is some Kryptonite boxing gloves and BAM. He beats Superman.
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The armie's interrogators are in both top mental and physical condition. If there was an actual fight, first of all why the **** would batman even need to get that close to batman where he can use that glove? Second, why the **** would superman say "HEY BATMAN! I'M GOING TO ATTACK YOU TOMORROW AT 5! SO MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR GLOVE!" There will be no time to prepare or plan out, he wont be carrying around a kryptonite glove with him all the time.
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no **** sherlock

your telling me comic books lied about batman holding his own against superpowered characters.. while defending an alien that's physically similar to human's with phenomonal powers as if he doesnt have indefinite powers to suit his needs?....
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So what you're saying is it's all a matter of who has the preemptive strike? In that case, if Batman were to sneak up on Superman with Kryptonite, he'd win.
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No in the case it's a completely random battle. Neither side has the advantage of the first strike. Let's say they're just talking then suddenly BAM mind control, batman goes crazy. Superman had no idea he was going to, neither did batman, so neither side prepared for this. Even ground. Superman would destroy him.
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Please just shut up.
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Of course... The man with the utility belt that carries just about anything doesn't have one thing that can beat superman.
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****		 you hes batman, he takes on crazy clowns and mutant reptile men
**** you hes batman, he takes on crazy clowns and mutant reptile men
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Without Batman it would simply be "The League".
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Why do people only post stuff like this as anonymous? By the way, the very same reasons that make you hate batman, make me admire him. He has no superpowers and yet has Justice League under his thumb.
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He does not have the league under his thumb. The comics ******* lie out of their asses. There's no way batman would even stand a chance against superman or for that matter, any real super hero. It's complete ******** . They'd all rip him apart.
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To say that comics are lying is the most ignorant ******* statement I've ever heard. Regardless of YOUR opinion on Batman, the people who made the Justice League are the one's who intended it to be the way it was, which means whatever say you have is farce, it's not a lie just because you don't like it. The Justice League isn't all "Muscles and Heat Vision" as you want it to be, Batman started and funded the Justice League, and he's smart enough to have an abundance of options to take it down, and he sees every outcome before it happens. Batman has a superhuman level intellect, even Superman would admit that, which is why he confides in him as the leader of the Justice League. Also, if Batman was just a Joe Schmoe, then he would have never been able to defeat Solomon Grundy, Bane, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Ra's Al Ghul and the plethora of SUPER villains in his time, they count just as much as fighting a superhero, and this would imply that Batman has the capacity to defeat superhero's.
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It's not a lie because I don't like it, it's a lie because it's utterly impossible. If both batman and superman existed in the real world, superman would just completely destroy batman. All batman is good for was his money, that's why he's useful. He's just their bank and accountant. Stephen Hawkins also has genius level intelligence, is he a super hero? When ever he fights anyone super, they make up some ******** twist that just HAPPENS to be exactly what batman needs in order to win.
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"No! I don't like it so its a lie!"

You sound like a spoiled ******* 12 year old.
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I said the opposite... "It's not a lie because I don't like it, it's a lie because it's utterly impossible." Which it is impossible.
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In the comic book world we're talking.
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Exactly. Therefore anything is possible, thus meaning Batman can do everything you have said he can't.
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In a completely fair 1 on 1 fight, no preparation time, superman would completely destroy Batman.
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It's automatically not fair due to the advantages super man has.
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A fight can't be any more fair than that, there's no way. You put them on a battlefield to duke it out. Neither has the advantage of planning out some form of strategy. It's just a regular fight. So no matter how they fight, superman will have the advantage because he is an actual super hero.
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In the reality of comic books, there is under no circumstance that would allow Superman to catch Batman off guard, Superman simply does not have the mental capacity to do such a thing.
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You speak of this as if you're a seasoned writer of DC comics, which you are not, you are just pissed that someone is running a series you enjoy without the ability to shoot lasers out of his eyes or to be able to lift 1700 tons, which is simply childish. If both batman and superman existed in the real world, Superman would not hurt Batman in any sense, because they both fight for the same cause, They both have what the other doesn't and they would need eachother to perform at maximum capacity, regardless if it's money he has or not. Drop the entire ******* Stephen Hawkins ******** , because nobody in this world we live in CAN possibly be a superhero, we are talking about a ******* comic book world, which is WHY Batman can do the things he does, you can't relate ANYTHING in this world to the DC Universe because what is possible in their world isn't in ours, you're ******* warped if you think comparing two such things is an intelligent source of logic. The writers "make up some ******** twist" because that is how they believe would happen, your opinion of that is farce to them, as it will keep happening because the stories and comics belong to them. Your opinion on whether they're ******** twists doesn't matter.
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So let's say they were in the real world and batman, being just a human, is under some kind of mind control. Superman has no choice but to fight him. He's completely destroy him in a second, no doubt about it.
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That isn't applying to what was intended and really doesn't matter. Going by the track record of both superhero's, Superman is more likely to fall under mind control, and Batman's already beaten him in that scenario.
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Maybe if Bill Gates took some classes.......
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That might be the case, if it were a league of villains. But since they're all "good", the leadership among them is formed not on brute strength, but on the basis of tactical skills, cleverness, knowledge, etc. - in short, all the qualities that Batman has in abundance.
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So he's like a ******* general. Still not a SUPER hero. There's nothing super about him and that's what pisses me off. He's just like any other guy. He does not belong in the justice league, which is for SUPER heroes. He's just a glorified detective.
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It's the JUSTICE League. Not the SUPER League.
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The Justice League is supposed to be made up of super heroes. Batman does not belong.
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The justice league is for anyone who can protect the world and has special abilities Batman may not be super but still has special abilities
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You think Batman doesn't belong but Aqua-man does?
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Aqua man actually has super powers, there's nothing super about batman. He's just a normal guy who knows how to fight.
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It's not like he's the only member of the justice league without powers. There's Green Arrow, for example. Can you do what either of them do? Can you hold your own against villains that DO have superpowers?

Hell, Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl don't have superpowers either. They have the same abilities as everyone in their species, and are only "superpowered" by human standards. Batman is to humans what Hawkgirl is to Thanagarians. Stronger, smarter, more agile, more powerful and more courageous than average, but not actually superpowered.

tl;dr I am a massive ******* nerd and Batman will **** you up.
#50 to #46 - anon (02/08/2013) [-]
Green arrow is ******** too but I wont get into that. When ever he fights anyone super, they make up some ******** twist that just HAPPENS to be exactly what batman needs in order to win. Both the Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl are super human, so they belong. Batman is basically just a tactical ninja. Still just a human.
User avatar #56 to #50 - Ruspanic ONLINE (02/08/2013) [-]
Hawkgirl and J'onn are not superhuman, they are aliens.
And ninjas are ******* badass. What's wrong with having human superheros? Earth's Green Lanterns gets all of their powers from their rings, and are otherwise ordinary people with more willpower than most.
Plus, there's plenty of "ordinary" human supervillians - Lex Luthor and the Joker, for ****** sake.
#77 to #56 - anon (02/08/2013) [-]
They have powers that humans do not posses, Batman does not. The problem with having normal human super heroes is that they're not super. The ring gives green lantern super powers and it wouldn't work with anyone else but him so he is super. Lex Luther and Joker would be killed in 5 seconds if they fought against a real super hero.
User avatar #89 to #77 - Ruspanic ONLINE (02/08/2013) [-]
You do realize Lex Luthor is Superman's adversary, right?
I don't see why it's necessary to be literally superhuman (or non-human) to be a superhero. All you need to do is a) have extraordinary abilities (not necessarily unnatural ones) compared to most people, and b) be a hero.
#91 to #89 - anon (02/08/2013) [-]
If you don't aren't superhuman or have unnatural abilities, then you're just a hero. Not a SUPER hero. If a karate black belt stops a robbery, he isn't a super hero. Karate black belts aren't super heroes. They fill your criteria.
#95 to #91 - anon (02/08/2013) [-]
*if you aren't
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Nightwing, Red Hood, Ra's Al Guhl, Talia, Bane, Red Robin, Robin.
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Yup. Although Ra's Al Guhl is "immortal", so maybe that counts for something. And Bane has his Venom.
User avatar #73 to #72 - holycrapimacupcake (02/08/2013) [-]
Red Hood is just a bad ass.
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it''s funny cos' spidermans' prarents sure will be there.
it''s funny cos' spidermans' prarents sure will be there.
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Is that "thing" a picture or you?
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The **** is it doing?
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Annoying me...
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Is it like a super rich 10 year old kid? or a poor midget who 'celebrities' feel sympathy for?
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He's famous for lip syncing music.
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What about the 'celebrities'?
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Don't post pictures of this thing. Thanks.
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Meanwhile Superman drinks
Meanwhile Superman drinks
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Comment Picture
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I personally love Aquaman.

Don't get me wrong, Batman is a badass but Aquaman just seem to me the type of person you wouldn't want to **** with.

He can summon **** that I never heard of.
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Dat thumbnail
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Isn't Spiderman's parents dead too?
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****		 your dinner Parker I've got sharks to fight
**** your dinner Parker I've got sharks to fight
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Dinner dinner dinner dinner Batman!

... yeah I did
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Gettin real tired of your ****
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reminded my of baman and piderman
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Batman: Hey spider man, where's your uncle ben? ;)
Spider-Man: :| I dunno, probably at the theater with your parents.
Batman: :(
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