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User avatar #26 - phobosanomaly (02/08/2013) [-]
**** you, I was just drinking coffee about that shade because I have a huge programming project due in three hours. Now I can't finish that and there's no way in hell I'll be able to fix this code without that coffee.
User avatar #27 to #26 - testing (02/08/2013) [-]
Why are you on FJ?
User avatar #34 to #27 - phobosanomaly (02/08/2013) [-]
Occasional breaks are good for writing code, just like with any large piece of text the more you stare at it the more likely you are to overlook your errors. Walk away for a little bit and something obvious that you've missed may jump out at you when you come back to it. Now if only I could fix that hemorrhage of a memory leak that's corrupting the heap.
User avatar #36 to #34 - testing (02/08/2013) [-]
With a 3 hour deadline though you must be good with time management.

I wouldn't be able to do that and get away with it.
User avatar #45 to #36 - phobosanomaly (02/08/2013) [-]
Yes, and that is a skill I will eventually learn the hard way.
User avatar #33 to #27 - KillinTime (02/08/2013) [-]
didn't you hear? he's working on a project
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