Mixing drinks. . Bailey' s ' Peach Schnaps Grenadine " Blue Curacao m MIR! BRAIN. Baileys, mmm creamy.
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Mixing drinks

Bailey' s '
Grenadine "
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Submitted: 02/06/2013
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#24 - thumbsalad (02/07/2013) [+] (3 replies)
I made about 30 or so of these, each time I got a little better at it.

Perhaps I should have waited till I poured all the shots before I started drinking them.

Picture is one of our alrightish ones.. Not a great camera, nor lighting..
User avatar #47 to #24 - drunkeddrummer (02/07/2013) [-]
dude, this is so awesome, even your camera got drunk
#15 - aconfuseddonut (02/07/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Baileys, mmm creamy.
#67 - boonfg **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (2 replies)
#58 - naeoro (02/07/2013) [+] (12 replies)
#60 to #58 - rummler (02/07/2013) [-]
Naeoro takes his own shit, freezes it, then uses it as a dildo to shove back in his own ass.
Naeoro takes his own shit, freezes it, then uses it as a dildo to shove back in his own ass.
#102 - mrslippyfist (02/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
who actually cares what a shot looks like?
who actually cares what a shot looks like?
User avatar #105 to #102 - mjjrussell **User deleted account** (02/07/2013) [-]
The irony here is they gif is from American Psycho and there is a scene where they all show off their business card's and Christian Bale freaks out internally because there is a guy who has a better looking business card.
#50 - garand (02/07/2013) [-]
it's actually just called a brain damage
#20 - cooltrainergill (02/07/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Huh Huh guys I totally know all of those alcoholic beverages as I'm a cool hip teen who goes out to parties all the time...
User avatar #75 - itrinx (02/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Too bad it tastes like shit.
#79 - doobiesnax (02/07/2013) [-]
**doobiesnax rolled a random image posted in comment #2983124 at My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ** MFW I put this in my mouth
User avatar #13 - DontDeleteMeAgain (02/07/2013) [+] (7 replies)
You fill the shot 3/4 with peach schnapps, put a drop of baileys, enough to make the brain, then a drop of curacao, and then the grenadine.

The grenadine will wash over the baileys and curacao and sink to the bottom. The grenadine leaves a great after taste. (Grenadine is cherry flavoring for all of you non-bartender types)
User avatar #14 to #13 - soylentchartreuse (02/07/2013) [-]
Grenadine is Pomegranate flavored syrup fo all you who don't know
User avatar #71 - animedudej ONLINE (02/07/2013) [+] (15 replies)
Hard Liquor (over 21% ironically enough) has an age restriction of 21+
#88 to #71 - eddymolly (02/07/2013) [-]
Ahh, 18, hell yeah.
User avatar #95 - sammyjankiis (02/07/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Wow how did you do that?
#43 - sloot (02/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I asked the bar tender for one of these on my birthday and he actually took my phone and tried to make it for me. They don't taste bad but the texture is really weird in your mouth
User avatar #52 to #43 - thetattooedone (02/07/2013) [-]
That's what she said.
#65 - funmanigro (02/07/2013) [-]
repost, for the 300th time.
#97 - icewraith has deleted their comment [+] (7 replies)
#116 to #97 - goochtvi (02/07/2013) [-]
Flaming B-52's, nigga

Shit's nice
User avatar #62 - andywazowski (02/07/2013) [-]
I can't even count how many times i have seen this... God dammit..
User avatar #94 - ericforeman (02/07/2013) [-]
It does that because the Baileys curdles almost instantly and it tastes like utter shit.
User avatar #2 - captainislam (02/06/2013) [-]
this looks crazy.
#22 - algorath (02/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
**algorath rolled a random image posted in comment #350306 at Friendly ** Imagine getting out-of-your-mind drunk on only this, start sobering up and puking it up, fairly certain I would get scared shitless if a liter or two of that came out of my mouth
User avatar #12 - thetellerofstories (02/07/2013) [+] (1 reply)
vesper martini, shaken not stirred, with a long thin slice of lemon in a champagne goblet... or a pan galactic gargle blaster
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