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Long story short, these guys were heavily armed (AK's and explosives...), took a huge amount of money from a couple of robberies with a hostage (NOT the Robin Hood type of thieves...), are directly linked with some type of urban-guerilla-terrorist like organisation, and some of them are accused individually for some older illegal actions... All 4 of them are under 25 years old and come from wealthy families-or at least above the average, also 1 of them openly applauded another popular older incident were a a taxi driver was murdered for trying to stop some bank robbers... They were caught by the Greek police and their muggshots were leaked in the internet... Now you know in general what has happened... My personal oppinion is that they were wealthy, spoiled kids that decided to pseydo-rebel and in the end sooner or later somone innocent would die because of them, so ONLY in this case I support the police-kids got what they deserved!
#28 to #26 - LTK (02/06/2013) [-]
The other side of the story now. Those men didnt resist the arrest, so the beating by the cops came during interogation. One of them,5 years ago,saw his best friend die in his arms . A cop shot him. This kid was 15 years old and this led to massive protests throughout the country against police brutality.
They robbed a bank,took a hostage and were armed with automatic weapons,i dont feel sorry for the bastards that got arrested. The only think i have to say though is that democracy doesnt get revenge,tortures are not part of it. And i am pretty sure that if this ,20 year old man now, didnt see a human die in his arms by a cop's bullet,he would continue playing professionaly the piano as he did back then
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Anon here, love the way you start the conversation, not flame wars not anything, so I salute you-also I continue in English or else fellow FJers won't understand a think! Back to the subject, yes indeed they didn't resist, they saw a police car parked on the side of the road and thought they were ambushed so they turned themselves in, note that they thought they were being expected and " **** their pants", they didn't just surrender on their own or anything... Moreover about the "shot friend" incident that MAYBE drove the one of them who knew him to become an "outlaw", my opinion is that as long as the cops got life sentence justice was served (We don't have death penalties in Greece...), and don't forget that many people are hurt by terrible events but they don't pick up AK's and start robbering... (Also about the dead friend-straight from a cop that was in the covered-up investigation, the kid attacked the police car with everything they found on the street, the killing of the kid is unjustified but the fact that those kids were/are rich and spoiled remains, this investigation was never seen by the public eye because everyone was in favour of the "innocent kid" presented by the media and goverment decided to go with the constructed events and punished the officers like escape goats...)... And at last I hate corrupted goverment, I hate NAZIS, but also I hate those-mostly left wing-idealists that believe that with a lot of talking everything will be solved-and in the end their solutions look a lot like right wing NAZIS, lastly I hate younger generations that only care for **** , money, clothes and Facebook-they are the cancer of each nation... That's about everything, all in all I despice police and police brutality, but in this case i support them-in fact i believe that as long as the suspects could open their eyes in the photos then police was very polite to them...
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I like moussaka :)
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My faith in Greeks is restored, thanks to you :) I wish there were more people like you in Greece!
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I've always believed that beliefs which are being expressed in the parliament form a circle,so it closes in the two ends. That means that far left wings are equal to far right. Anarchy and fascism are the exact same thing to me. At least this kind of anarchy,i havent read theoretical anarchist that just believe in self-organisation. So what i am trying to say is that arrest and jail was what they deserved. The thing is that the cops who beat them are probably the same that throw tear gas at old men in protests. Truth lies somewhere in the middle,we should check both sides. But you made good points there,i've always enjoy hearing something even slightly different from what i think. Παμε για κανα σουβλακι τωρα
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Θα φάω το βράδυ και ένα για πάρτι σου, stay cool! ;)
#39 to #28 - LTK (02/06/2013) [-]
ps. the cop,5 years ago, shot the 15year old kid for no reason at all,he just wanted to scare him. Thats the country i live in, murderers that get paid by the government,corrupted politicians,journalists that show and wright only government-approved news,neo-nazis that rise to power and idiotic greeks that keep voting for the same assholes and then go to drink frappe and eat souvlaki like nothing is happening. But hey,we have lovely islands and beaches!
I think i will move to another country
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PS. All 4 of them come from rich families, they had everything and became spoiled! Only 1 of them was linked to a traumatising event that-as I said before-is manipulated so the public eye thinks it was a cold blooded murder when in fact he and his dead friend attacked the police car-stil a murdered young man, but not an innocent one- you can either believe that or not... Also why else do you think he didn't appear in the court about his dead friend when he was the only witness of him dying? The killer cops got a life sentence they didn't deserve, yes they deserve jail for killing without being threatend by WEAPONS, but they were in self defence and the only witness never testified, yet they got life, strange ain't it? Moreover a human life had already been threatened as hostage by them and he was a dentist, not a rich corrupted bank owned... And the 1 of them saying out loud that he applauded the incident of the taxi driver who tried to stop the bank robbers... Man that's enough, in my opinion they got what they deserved, they weren't poor Robin Hood's stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, they were rich playing with guns taking a huge amount of money and when caught they started the "I'm an innocent traumatised young man!", I support the police IN THIS CASE ONLY, slapping their asses was the right thing to do!
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