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#30 - mrsugoiman **User deleted account** (02/05/2013) [-]
I wish these were the people at my school, the instant they learn me and my girlfriend are atheists they hate us.....MFW
#42 to #30 - ichbinlecher (02/05/2013) [-]
I am sorry to hear that. I disagree with the atheist stand point, and I am usually quite clear that I would like them to change their minds, but I don't shun them or hate them because of it. In the most cynical times, I think "How else will they hear the gospel" but most of the time it's more like how I am with everyone - I want to do what I can to show them love.
User avatar #54 to #42 - Zarke (02/05/2013) [-]
The way I see it, Heaven can wait. We're here, and rather than worrying about spreading the love of god, spread the love of life. If one's God is kind and truly just, then that should be what should matter most. Simply being good and just to your fellow man.
#59 to #54 - ichbinlecher (02/05/2013) [-]
In Christianity the problem is the fact that every person is dying to our corrupted nature, both physically and spiritually. And then end goal isn't heaven, it is life - resurrection. As such, we have to turn to the fount of life, Jesus.

In other words, I think you are right, there is a need to love life (both ours and just life in general), I simply think your focus is wrong.
User avatar #62 to #59 - Zarke (02/05/2013) [-]
I acknowledge that you believe what you believe, just as Muslims believe what they believe and Hindus believe what Hindus believe. Everyone believes they are the one true path. Who are we to say that everyone is wrong or right?
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