Manly Man. Saw on 4Chan thought it was pretty cool. Are you MAN enough to roll?. MAN ROULETTE WE' RE A GENERATION " MEN RAISED " WOMEN... PM WONDERING " ANOTHER i am Not a smart man
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Manly Man

Manly Man. Saw on 4Chan thought it was pretty cool. Are you MAN enough to roll?. MAN ROULETTE WE' RE A GENERATION " MEN RAISED " WOMEN... PM WONDERING " ANOTHER

Saw on 4Chan thought it was pretty cool. Are you MAN enough to roll?

Tags: i | am | Not | a | smart | man
choose any item on the list
crow your beard proudly for a week
Fix something that needs fixing
ca up your bros and have some been (this week)
Eat a steak
Explore somewhere unexplored
no 20 pushups, so crunches
may some vidya games
Make a fire/ set something on fire
open the door for a lady (next av
Change your car' s oil
cut down a tree, lust for fun
Ring up some bros, play some sport outside (not vidya games)
skip your next shower
Dnn‘ t brush your teeth far the next 2 days
Start an argument with some e
smoke some cigarettes (w/ o er if you already smoke)
Write some awesome poetry
can up your dad, see how he is
sharpen your knives/ axe/ other cutting implements
an your own hair
Drink a beer in the shower
Tip somebody generously (next iv: able chance)
No underwear for the next 24 hours (must act immediately)
Download/ buy some new music
Wear some sort of hat next time you go out
BBQ some tucking ribs
Swear at someone
Scratch your nuts in public
Apply for a job (if unemployed, otherwise retroll)
Buy a smoking jacket
comma more than no
invent a new recipe, cook it, eat t (must involve meat)
Volunteer for a veterans Charity/ RSL / mutt
Write an angry letter to a newspaper, magazine or politician
Piss somewhere in public (not a public toilet)
C lull) something - a mountain/ a big tree/ a rock/ a pub c monument
shoot a gun (if this is hard where you live, organise a trip to a firing range)
Go on a hike/ bush walk
Make a potato cannon
say " No" when a woman demands that you do something
solo camping on your next free weekend
Get irate when someone questions your intention to keep your word
Eat some sort of exotic meat (ye leon/ kangaroo/ crocodile)
Mow your lawn (i on don' t have one, write a haiku about it)
Hammer some ll (whether its for a good reason or not)
Pump some iron
an a hot foam shave from a
co fishing
no to a hardware store - buy some quality tools
lame chance)
so Buy a bottle of spirits
ST Set yourself a target with your weight - reach it within a month
Never leave the toilet seat down again
Do something you‘ always been scared to do
54 Make a hammock, enjoy beers in it
congratulations e ynu‘ re making everyone hamburgers
so Learn lo new facts about astronomy
ST hold a goat by its horns for as long as pom , at least once in your lifetime
so Search "Men" on eBay, buy somethi g on the first or second page
59 Revamp your room - throw out any! g you don' t need, replace with better stuff
so Buy a classic book
61 Learn how to use a manual transmission (within the next year, if n/ a retroll)
62 Run a mile (1. 6 km), no walking you fucking Aard» ass
as Get the fuck off the internal and enjoy the outdoors
in Buy a (if you already have one, buy another)
as no something dangerous (your choice)
66 Listen to some metal
67 Buy a fine bottle of wine - enjoy with somebody else
on Ask "that girl " out on a date (if you already have a partner, take her out " dinner)
69 Polish a pair of leather shoes
TO Bourbon or scotch on the rocks
11 Learn IO new facts about physics
Buy a new business/ formal shirt
Enjoy a cigar
74 Buy a manly / Eier/ coltrane/
Destroy something you hate
76 Suit up next time you go out (if you normally wear suits to work, you must wear some
thing OTHER THAN a suit)
Help an old lady with her shoppe g
have a bros night out (without asking your lady first)
19 watch a violent movie
so Buy a beer stein
81 Read one text by Shakespeare
Listen to some Mann or Beethoven
blow off a female acquaintance with vigor and vim, swear if possible
84 Demand better service the next chance you get
as Learn 10 new facts about she my
as Throw out 5 old items of clothing
in Teach somebody something
so Use cinder blocks and wood as a shelf
39 Wire up somethi g that uses electricity
so Break the speed limit by 20 MPH (32 KPH)
91 Learn how to swear in another language
92 Change your brake pads
invent something useful for the house
we cancel your next doctor/ dentist appointment
Start learning an instrument
96 Make a toast to something worthwhile (next chance you get)
Dam a river or similar body of water
have a woman make you a sandwich
99 Fight a animal
You must roll ten times in succession, doing each of those 10 things within 24 hours. If you fail to do complete, you must cut your
own dick off and post pictures.
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