.45. The doughnuts i bought him didn't hurt either.. Because they don' t make I.. I know that gun. Guns Cops joke
What do you think? Give us your opinion. Anonymous comments allowed.
#26 - itrinx (02/02/2013) [-]
I know that gun.
User avatar #2 - techketzer (02/01/2013) [-]
That is a very beautiful gun.
#48 - DeepSilver (02/02/2013) [-]
they do make a .460 but thats a revolver cartridge ...
#52 to #48 - notyaoming (02/02/2013) [-]
They make a .46 Auto too.
User avatar #46 - IAmManbearpig (02/02/2013) [-]
.454 Casull
User avatar #5 - awesomeradish (02/02/2013) [-]
Thumb for your username
#79 - Aejax (02/02/2013) [-]
Muh big boolit fawty-five
#35 - moorbs (02/02/2013) [-]
In America, would you ever see someone with a gun just tucked in their jeans or holstered or something? Or do people keep them in their cars or what? Just seems so weird to me!
In America, would you ever see someone with a gun just tucked in their jeans or holstered or something? Or do people keep them in their cars or what? Just seems so weird to me!
#44 to #35 - imthepunkkid has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #86 to #35 - thestrangestboner (02/02/2013) [-]
Alabamafag here. It is legal in most states to obtain a "concealed weapons permit" which, as the name states, allows you to carry a weapon on your person or in a vehicle, usually out of arms length. The firearm also has some restrictions on it being loaded, not entirely too sure on those laws. But in some states it is legal to "open-carry", and basically walk around with your firearm holstered and loaded. Or you can have an AK on a sling across your back, whatever works. I personally am not old enough to own a concealed carry so I carry a knife
User avatar #87 to #35 - wheresthefudge (02/02/2013) [-]
I know several people with conceal & carry licences, but their guns usually stay in their cars. Also, pretty sure anyone with a conceal & carry is smart enough to not just tuck a gun into their waistband.

I think it's also technically legal to carry a rifle over your shoulder without a licence, but I've never seen anyone do it.
User avatar #45 to #35 - dafuqmang (02/02/2013) [-]
You would. My dad has his concealed weapons permit, so he keeps it in a holster at his side. Sometimes tucked under his shirt, depending on his wear.
User avatar #53 to #35 - BunnyStew (02/02/2013) [-]
Some states allow you to openly carry your firearm, and some states require you to have a shirt pulled over it or keep it tucked in your waistband, also known as concealed carry.
User avatar #78 to #35 - roliga (02/02/2013) [-]
I'm licensed for open carry (holstered) in New Mexico, but the only time I ever actually do open carry is when hiking in case of coyotes.
#37 to #35 - anon (02/02/2013) [-]
I was an exchange student in Texas. Mesquite to be exact. My host-father always carried a gun under his t-shirt. He also had a gun under his spot on the couch and under his side of the bed.
User avatar #1 - mitchthehugeman (02/01/2013) [-]
I want this gun
User avatar #9 - garvielxloken (02/02/2013) [-]
If you lived in Georgia he'd just ask you what you were carrying as your back-up :P
#67 - qwerqwer (02/02/2013) [-]
there is a smith and wesson 500
User avatar #34 - sketchE (02/02/2013) [-]
is carry my 92 because i have experience with it but everywhere is ******* sold out of 9mm ammo right now
#47 - dafuqmang (02/02/2013) [-]
I would love to have guns designed to look like these.
#25 - fantomen (02/02/2013) [-]
They DO make 10mm 1911s with double stack mags.
Come on, guys it's not ******* 1915 any more. There are far better calibers out there than the old high-recoil no-penetration .45acp.
User avatar #41 to #25 - crazyglove (02/02/2013) [-]
The gun's beautiful though. Sometimes tradition is the best way to go.
New weapons are cool and all, but I'd always prefer a pre world war 2 rifle than one of the new rifles we have today.
#27 to #25 - watanigga **User deleted account** (02/02/2013) [-]
User avatar #30 to #27 - fantomen (02/02/2013) [-]
More of a nerd than an expert, but yeah.
Reading 1200 page books about guns for fun isn't normal, but it is for me.
Me, not even once.
#31 to #30 - watanigga **User deleted account** (02/02/2013) [-]
So you're knowledgeable, but you're not experienced... So you don't know first hand WHAT kind of caliber is "better" for what, or exactly how the recoil feels, just what people have told you.

And that my friends, is what's wrong with this generation of "tacti-cool" gun lovers.
User avatar #33 to #31 - fantomen (02/02/2013) [-]
I have fired both a 10mm 1911, and a traditional .45, and I think the 10mm is better.
The recoil is a little more snappy than the .45, but it has less muzzle flip.

And no, I don't claim to know **** I don't know.
And I hate faggots like nuthinfaggy that claims they know everything, when they clearly don't.
User avatar #36 to #25 - redneckhokage (02/02/2013) [-]
>"no penetration"
User avatar #38 to #25 - dikslapping (02/02/2013) [-]
I enjoy my 1911's low penetration power. If I need to shoot an intruder in my house I don't want the round going through my walls. Plus all the power stays in the body of the person getting shot. I don't think that I will need to shoot through body armor or anything reinforced.
User avatar #49 to #25 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
a .45 has a helluva lot of stopping power vs a 9mm. It kicks like a mule if you arent used to it,but I would rather have a .45 than a crap 9mm. Dont get me wrong,a 9mm is a decent round,but I dont trust it like I would a .45.

As said before,I dont need overpenetration like I would get on some of the more high power rounds. The .45 leaves one big bloody hole,and thats what I need it to do.

There *is* AP ammo for the .45 but its from the 50s and not very common.
User avatar #90 to #49 - fantomen (02/02/2013) [-]
I must admit I do like the "thump" of a .45, but they just aren't as deadly as slightly faster rounds. The big problem with the .45 is the slow speed, this means that it has very poor penetration against real bodies. It looks good on blocks of ballistics gel, but real bodies are full of bone and thick tissue which protect the heart and lungs.
This is where the .45 starts having major problems. I've seen X-rays of a guy shot pointblank in the chest with a .45, and he was fine. The bullet couldn't make it through the bone in his chest, and stopped about an inch away from his heart. Had that bullet been going 200fps faster he would have been dead. Another drawback with the .45 is that the speed is so low that hollow-points don't want to open, so you need massive cavities to make them work, and when you make the cavities so large the get clogged up with cloth and stuff, and they won't work.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those guys that thinks "the faster the better. 5,7mm is GOD".
But you need a proper balance of speed and mass to get the most lethal potential.
If you toss a bowling ball at a guy he might break a bone or two, but if you fire it from a cannon it will cut him in half. High mass alone does not equal pure killing power, you need to get that mass hauling ass before it has a truly devastating effect.
User avatar #91 to #90 - thamuz (02/03/2013) [-]
Ive shot the 5.7mm before,its is a nice pistol. But for me,I never liked the 10mm(or is it .40 cal?) handguns.

The .45 is a good caliber round,slow yes(but purely dependent on your bullets. if you are hand loading,or using hot loads,its still a damned fine weapon)
User avatar #92 to #91 - fantomen (02/03/2013) [-]
Hey, everyone has their own preference.
Personally I'm a huge fan of the .357magnum.
And with good handloads you can improve on almost all commercial rounds.
It's probably better to carry something decent you're comfortable with, and can hit with, than something space-age you hate and can't fire straight.
User avatar #93 to #92 - thamuz (02/03/2013) [-]
I agree with that 100%. You ever shoot a Colt Python? For a revolver that was just wow. The one I shot was buttery smooth and real accurate.
User avatar #94 to #93 - fantomen (02/03/2013) [-]
Well, I'm a euro-fag, so I haven't had the chance to fire THAT many guns (maybe 40 or 50) , but I have fired a few shots out of an old 70s python. It was probably the third nicest revolver I've ever fired. The only ones that top they python when it comes to shooting pleasure was a ************ Mateba Grifore autorevolver carbine, and a custom built Manurhin MR 73 target revolver. But in terms of beauty the Python is hard to beat, The only one I've TOUCHED nicer than the Colt was a German Korth revolver, but since they are more or less priceless, I was only allowed to hold it for a few seconds and dry fire it once.

Excuse me if this is hard to read. English isn't my first language, I'm a little drunk, and I had surgery done on my hand 2 days ago.
User avatar #95 to #94 - thamuz (02/03/2013) [-]
Ive had the chance to fire a Drilling,it had a wierd rifle caliber in one barrel,and two different shotgun barrels on it(I think one was 12 the other was 20) Strange,but fun.

Im buying a Mosin Nagant later in the month. Im just waiting for an example I like.
User avatar #96 to #95 - fantomen (02/03/2013) [-]
Drillings and combination guns are quite common here in Europe.
Because most countries here limit the number of guns you can have for hunting (usually between 3 or 5) drilling have become popular with hunters, because of their versatility.
But they are very time consuming to make, and so they are usually very expensive, and they are usually chambered for very odd long rimmed cartridges, and old short shotgun shells.
The versatility of drillings and combination guns are also highly valued here because the hunting seasons are long and often overlap, and the versatility of these guns mean that you can often legally shoot something you never expected to find on your hunt.

Good luck with the mosin.
I got to shoot an old battle scarred one in Finland.
Let's just say the rumors about that particular gun said it had taken down more than just moose and deer.
User avatar #97 to #96 - thamuz (02/03/2013) [-]
I imagine theyre expensive to make.

Personally,theres a few odd weapons Id love to own. a drilling is one.
User avatar #98 to #97 - fantomen (02/03/2013) [-]
I love odd and strange things.
I'd love to have some rare "bad" weapon, just because they are so unique.
Guns that are concidered "cheap **** " by many are some of my favorites. Guns like the FP-45 liberator and the Gustloff volksurmgewehr, and the gyrojet.
User avatar #99 to #98 - thamuz (02/03/2013) [-]
Ive seen one gyrojet. It was the oddest little handgun I have ever seen.

I want the Mosin,cause its well,a Mosin. I had a Lee-Enfield and I loved it.

My cousin has a Ross Rifle. Loves the gun,but he told me its the biggest piece of **** if anything gets in it.
User avatar #100 to #99 - fantomen (02/03/2013) [-]
Yes, the Ross has always had a reputation for unreliability, but they are supposedly very accurate rifles. However, they have been known to explode, killing the shooter, and shooting the bolt through their skull if you fire it while incorrectly assembled.
User avatar #101 to #100 - thamuz (02/03/2013) [-]
We had that happen once. Bolt shot out the back on the stand. Last time we fired it. It sits on the shelf looking pretty. Like my M1 Carbine.
User avatar #3 - alcatraztiger (02/02/2013) [-]
there may be no .46 but there is a .50...the ACTUAL OP knew **** all about handguns.
User avatar #8 to #3 - lyiat ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
.50 is for shooting out engine blocks, not people. You don't carry a .50 because the recoil is absolutely insane, and the average person doesn't need to take down armored jeeps.
User avatar #12 to #8 - thatoldhorse (02/02/2013) [-]
this is what people say before they get mugged by armored jeeps
User avatar #14 to #12 - lyiat ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
The **** ar-
#20 to #8 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
.50 AE is made for handguns, it's horribly impractical for self defense but it sure is fun to shoot, the desert eagle most notably fires it.
#40 to #20 - sandwitchman **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #55 to #40 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
It's the action express, it was made by action arms in 1988.
User avatar #102 to #55 - thegamerslife (02/03/2013) [-]
This does not factor in 22TCM.
User avatar #19 to #8 - saddestofbreads (02/02/2013) [-]
A .50 pistol isn't going to take out a jeep. A .50 rifle would though.
User avatar #50 to #19 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Actually it was designed for that purpose of knocking out a moving vehicle with a hit to the front. It was desinged for an officer to carry to shoot into the engine block and disable either the radiator or the block itself.

Is it possible? I dont know,I dont own a .50AE so I cant verify that,but Im sure if you look around. I know the Poles use them.
User avatar #54 to #50 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
You mean just .50 bmg, .50ae is the handgun caliber.
User avatar #56 to #54 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
No. It is in service with the Poles.


User avatar #58 to #56 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
That is the desert eagle, and it wasn't made for knocking out engine blocks, there is a difference between the rounds, the action express was made for large game hunting:
User avatar #60 to #58 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
I know the difference between the AE/BMG.

Im saying,that for the pistols design,the AE was probably intent for knocking out cars that could be carrying IEDs
User avatar #61 to #60 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
*edit* the pistol using the AE I meant to write >.>
User avatar #62 to #61 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
It could be used for that very effectively, but a rifle would probably be better. It sounded at first like you thought they were the same, you don't know how many people I've encountered think the desert eagle fires the same thing as a Barrett.
User avatar #64 to #62 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Ive shot an M99 Scorpion once,and that one was chambered in .50 BMG. Kick isnt bad on a long gun while laying down,but in a pistol sized package? I be that would break ones wrist. I know theres a pistol that fires the BMG but its so cumbersome that I wouldnt want to even try shooting it.
User avatar #66 to #64 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
I fired a Barrett while kneeling once, the recoil knocked me over, but that's because I don't balance well while kneeling.
User avatar #69 to #66 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Its a fun round to shoot. the M82 isnt that bad from what Ive observed. It seems to kick like a rather heavy 30-06.
User avatar #70 to #69 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
It's really fun to shoot, but it's expensive as hell. The BOFORS works amazingly on it as well.
User avatar #71 to #70 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
*BORS, I have no idea where I got bofors from.
User avatar #72 to #71 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Yeah Im too poor to afford something like that(I would love that computer however) so Im getting a Mosin-Nagant.
User avatar #73 to #72 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
Not gonna judge you on that, almost everybody I know who owns a gun owns a mosin nagant, including me.
User avatar #74 to #73 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
How is it to handle? Anything I should be lookin for when I look at one?
#75 to #74 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
Don't expect amazing condition, It has alot of recoil and the bolt is sometimes stiff when you first go to use it. Save this picture, use it as a guide when you go to buy one. Also clean it before you shoot it after buying it, that's my advice.
User avatar #85 to #75 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Well,Im going to TX Ill have to see if they can send one then. Thats a fine lookin rifle in that picture they have on the link
User avatar #80 to #75 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Ive been watching some of these online sales. Ive seen maybe 2-3 that have matching ###s on them and they end up in the 2-400$ price range.

Any way to mount optics to them?
User avatar #84 to #80 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
There is a rail, and there are scopes made for it. Cabelas sells a pretty nice package for about 150$, it does not have a scope though.
http://www.cabelas . com/product/Mosin-Nagant-Model-9130-Rifle/710007.uts?Ntk=AllProducts&searchPath= %2Fcatalog%2Fsearch.cmd%3Fformstate%3DsearchForm%26N%3D0%26fsch%3Dtrue%26Ntk%3D AllProducts%26Ntt%3Dmosin%26x%3D0%26y%3D0%26WTzl%3DHeader&Ntt=mosin
User avatar #76 to #75 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
Well,the gun is pushing 200 years old,I dont imagine perfection. But the price on them is just too good to let go.

Ive shot a Lee Enfield(used to own one,loved it to death) so would it be similar to that?
User avatar #77 to #76 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
I can't say for sure, I believe the enfield has less recoil, but that's just what I've heard from friends, I don't have a enfield nor have I ever fired one I'm sad to say. Oh, one last thing: Don't trust the mosin if the serial numbers match up, they almost never do, and when they do the price skyrockets.
User avatar #63 to #62 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
Also it WAS developed to take out medium/large game, but it can be used to take out unarmored vehicles, not really anything with armor though.
User avatar #65 to #63 - thamuz (02/02/2013) [-]
I would imagine it could punch through the softer spots on some LAVs. Not all of thembut the smaller ones i imagine you could at least dent fairly well.
User avatar #68 to #65 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
I've never tested but I'd imagine so.
User avatar #4 to #3 - ichbintarded (02/02/2013) [-]
.45 is one of the highest pistol caliber rounds with low enough recoil for a follow up shot. Shooters don't use .50 pistols because they are heavy, cumbersome, unwieldy, and are impossible to conceal. The only thing that can compare in my world is a .40 cal. commenter needs to learn about shooting, not guns.
User avatar #6 to #4 - Zombiefried ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
I completely agree. But just so everyone's clear on this, there is a .46. .460 S&W Magnum.
User avatar #7 to #6 - lyiat ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
.460 =/=.46. Thats like saying a .38 special round will fit in a .380 pistol.
User avatar #23 to #7 - edsabbath (02/02/2013) [-]
That's kind of wrong though, .460 is .46 caliber (well, 11.5mm, but it's close enough). And it's a handgun cartridge. Just because it's not referred to as ".46" doesn't mean it isn't of .46 caliber. A .357 Magnum round is still .38 caliber whether it uses it in its name or not.
User avatar #24 to #23 - edsabbath (02/02/2013) [-]
Or, to correct myself, I meant vice-versa with the .357 and .38. Sorry about that.
#17 to #7 - Hidnight (02/02/2013) [-]
To let you guys know, I read your conversation to get the joke, thanks.
#43 to #17 - ichbintarded (02/02/2013) [-]
You are most welcome to our geek-tastic explanation.
User avatar #15 to #4 - thegamerslife (02/02/2013) [-]
idk why you think your right on this, but 10mm is the second best pistol caliber only thing better is the 22TCM, look it up, it's like having a 223 rifle on your hip, shooting at over 2000 FPS it is the best personal defense pistol caliber on market.
User avatar #42 to #15 - ichbintarded (02/02/2013) [-]
There is no best pistol; round. That's why I said in my world, When you still inhabit reality then .45 is about the highest people want to go. Also 10mm is roughly a .40 cal, which I said I like, 10mm has a bit more kick and a bit less speed so I dislike it, though s&w made it a very worthwhile round.
User avatar #88 to #42 - thegamerslife (02/02/2013) [-]
No it is the best, this can no be denied since no one wants a pistol cartridge in a gun fight, you would rather have your AR-15. 22TCM is quit similar and a huge advantage over everything else. It's small enough if you use FMJ it can better go through body armor and had a lot of power behind it. It may not have "knockdown" power or any of that BS but it is closer to a rifle round than you can get in any other pistol cartridge even +P+'s so it is actually the best pistol round in the (my world i guess -_- ) world to date.
User avatar #89 to #88 - ichbintarded (02/02/2013) [-]
The only problem I have with this comes from my take on social psycology. There can be no best, if there was nothing would improve. The thoght you expressed of their being a best for everybody is simply naivety incarnate. Past that I disagree with your choice, but find that it has some merit.
#11 - jakeattack (02/02/2013) [-]
#39 - penguinsarecool (02/02/2013) [-]
Ha there is colt written on the gun. Colt 45....babyyy Colt 45 .
#16 - Hidnight (02/02/2013) [-]
I'm not a gun guy, can someone explain?
User avatar #18 to #16 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
.45 acp is a very large handgun caliber, they call them man stoppers for a reason, the reason he carries a .45 is because there's nothing bigger that's practical.
#29 to #18 - watanigga **User deleted account** (02/02/2013) [-]
44 magnum > 45 acp.

Still small and practical.
User avatar #32 to #29 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
I meant more with semi auto pistols, revolvers go into a whole nother ball game.
User avatar #22 to #21 - thatguywhohasbacon ONLINE (02/02/2013) [-]
No problem.
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