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#236 - orginar (02/02/2013) [-]
Okay obviously you are all total ******* faggots and I'm about to educate you ******* into a world of truth.

Friends mean nothing. They are meant to make your miserable existence less miserable, and then they make it MORE ******* MISERABLE. You don't have friends, because you're all sensible people but you all wish you had friends. Well, you shouldn't, why?

In 1989, a scientist named Gregory Stevens performed research on the human mind. Apparently, if a human learns to rely on itself and has no social outlook for unawareness of its existence, social problems are completely annihilated. Humans can completely live without social standards or existences.

He also learned when a human dies, it has more effect on others. So essentially, you feel sad because of GREED,one of the seven deadly sins...that person can not show anything to you anymore because of your own lack of sustenance.

If a human can learn to HATE,then humans have ZERO problems in the first place, But you're all pussies who say "pity me pity me I have no friends" ******** ,you are surrounded by people who think they have no friends. They all hate humans and you do too, why? Because you are aware of their existence and the fact that a human does not pay attention to you bugs you. But if you choose to hate them and accept everyone but you is useless, social problems are completely annihilated. You use other people. Don't worry about your OWN emotions: make others miserable for it. I do the same...that's why I work in human resources, to make humans feel **** about themselves as possible. And no, I don't have any friends even though I can easily make them. Know why? Because humanity sustains itself on greed and emotion. Without the two, human society would work You need to login to view this link more liberalism: no more overpopulation: no more deceit and destruction because of the effect of social lives. They only lead to despair.If you hate, you will never have despair.Or just completely isolate yourself misanthropically. Fags.
#247 to #236 - anon (02/02/2013) [-]
Greeds not always a bad thing..and im pretty sure completely getting rid of compassion for other people and becoming a ******* to be "happy" is greed. You're sadistic
#244 to #236 - anon (02/02/2013) [-]
Man I feel sorry for whoever took the time to raise you, feed you when you couldn't do it alone, help you go to the bathroom when you couldn't do it alone, help you with whatever problem you had when you were and infant and a small child.
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Someone doesn't have many friends.
Someone doesn't have many friends.
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You don't have many friends, do you?
You don't have many friends, do you?
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I have no idea why you're so angry, but I truly hope you get over it. We're not all as filled with hate as you, so please don't assume such.
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