met this great guy on omegle. u have scrolled 0.73m. Q omegle Talk to strangers'. Vern chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question to arm. Girls, where  aint easy being
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met this great guy on omegle

met this great guy on omegle. u have scrolled 0.73m. Q omegle Talk to strangers'. Vern chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question to arm. Girls, where

u have scrolled 0.73m

Q omegle Talk to strangers'.
Vern chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Question to arm.
Girls, where s your favorite place for a guy
to cum? my boyfriend has been begging
me to let him cum on my face but idk
You: my favourite place for a guy to cum
You: is to church
Stranger: ...
You: for our lord and savior
Stranger: why???
You: i hope u r married misses
Stranger: who nobody knows exists
You: awed coitus is a sin
Stranger: she can do wateva she wants
You: but jesus said no
Stranger: back off its her life
Stranger: and your point is?
You: jesus said it
You: true facts
Stranger: waiting forthe proof
You: god facts
Stranger: the proof that a god exists
You: do u really think jesus would lie to us
Stranger: u dont know
Stranger: he could
You: lying is a sin
Stranger: theres no wolf that god exists
Stranger: proof
You: of course there is
Stranger: like what
You: who wrote the bible if god doesnt exist
Stranger: men
Stranger: god didnt write it...
You: exactly, who is determined enough to write all
those fucking words
You: god that' s who
Stranger: men
You: noo
You: weren' t u even listenning
Stranger: there are longer books than the bible
Stranger: that have been written by man
You: that' s cos they were written by god aswell
Stranger: so to say determination of god is a factor is
not true
You: god wrote twilight
Stranger: hahahaha
You: it is gods word
Stranger: HAHAHAHA
Stranger: holy shit
You: the holy scripture
Stranger: your hilarious
You: 50 shades of attending church every week
Stranger: hahaha
You: sarcasm is a sin
Stranger: wasnt bein sarcastic
Stranger: your really funny
You: "you' re
You: punctuation is the way of the lord
Stranger: oh sorry
You: that' s okay my child
Stranger: i think youve confused me with someone
who actualy givs a fuck
You: swearing is ungodly
Stranger: AHA!
Stranger: then why did u swear?
Stranger: YEA BITCH!
You: no i did not
Stranger: yea you said
You: where is fucking proof
Stranger: who is determined to write all those fucking
Stranger: just earlier
You: u resisting my words
Stranger: and you just said fucking again
You: no i didn' t
Stranger: hahaha
You: see no proof
Stranger: youre eitherr very stupid person ora very
good troll
You: trolls are creatures of the devil
Yo on' t u know nothing
Yo am a very godly person
Stranger: trolls dont even exist
You: trolls guard the tth layer of hell
You: u will meet them
Stranger: how do u know?
You: because jesus said
Stranger: i dont believe in hell so what you are saying
to me is pointless
You: u will believe when u tthere
Stranger: its like if you shot me with an invisible gun
You: u' ll be all like 'oh no i should have listened'
Stranger: doesnt exist so it doesnt hurt me
You: 'that guy was so clever and handsome'
You: 'i should have listened'
Stranger: how could i know your handsome?
Stranger: i dont know wat u look like
You: me, handsome? why thank you
Stranger: great logic!
You: flattery won' t get u to heaven
Stranger: i didnt say you were handsome -.-
Stranger: handsome"
You: i am very handsome
Stranger: alrighty then
You: pray to the lord
Stranger: no thanks
Stranger: i could be doing more productive things
Stranger: like taking a shit
Stranger: or blowing my nose
You: swearing is ungodly
Stranger: u know... pretty much anything otherthan
You: r u mocking me??
Stranger: yeap
You: better change tutone mister
Stranger: get used to it
You: mocking me is ungodly
Stranger: TVV
Stranger: DEAL WITH IT
You: ungodly
Stranger: well theres no proof there is a god
You: shall we answerbag question
Stranger: so bein ungodly ism so bad after all eh?
You: let him cum on butthole
Stranger: lol
You: bare ring finger
You: finger
You: shameful
Stranger: so wat?
You: ungodly
Stranger: she can do what she wants with her life
You: didn' t u learn anything
You: we are back to square one
Stranger: nope
Stranger: and happy i didnt
You: u r impossible
Stranger: i know 2)
You: u will be in hell with hitler and the jews
You: it will be awkward
Stranger: there is no hell
You: u' ll have to sit at the hell cafeteria and it will be
Stranger: there is no hell so all this is just pointless
You: and granddad will be there and he' ll be like
u' grown'
You: 'sarmy jim'
Stranger: right thats it!
Yo 'looking good sport'
Yo ght abs slugger'
Stranger: you can call me names and stuff thats
You: 'boy you' got a hot bod'
Stranger: but as soon as u involve my family there will
be trouble
You: 'loving the pecs have u been working out'
You: an i touch em'
You: cmon sport'
Stranger: ill put my foot so far up ass the water on
my knee will quench
You: 'tine be like that'
You: brothers hotter anyway'
Stranger: ill hit you so hard that when you wake up
your clothes will be out of style
You: ' granma made cookies'
Stranger: you think your funny?
You: 'u should have listened to that guy on omegle'
Stranger: youll look alot to eat dinner
tonight with no fucking teeth
Yo ' e was pretty cute btw'
Yo . id u get his number?
Stranger: gunna trace your adress then i will
frame u and get u into prision
You: and u' ll have to say no and it' ll be
Stranger: where you will be ass fucked for 10 years
Stranger: and if i fail i will personally hire a man to ass
fuck you forthe next 10 years
You: if u get my can you call me
Stranger: so if youre an ass fucking fan u go ahead
and keep talking
You: we can meet for coffee on saturday
Yo aybe ass fuck a little
Yo k
You: watever u wanna do
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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At the very least, it was a successful troll.