seven-legged spider. i know it's an old one. Frem: Jane Gilles Date: Wednesday 8 Dd 2608 12. Te: David Theme Emma Diverdee a new at new David. Our resents indic

seven-legged spider

Frem: Jane Gilles
Date: Wednesday 8 Dd 2608 12.
Te: David Theme
Emma Diverdee a new at
new David.
Our resents indicate that yo er is need us by the amount of . 95. ffyou have Heady matte
this payment please carded as withh the next T days to elm firm payment has been applied tn "
assent and is " ringer .
sincerely. Jane Gilles
Freer: David Theme
Date: Wednesday it thy 2008
Te: Jane Giles
subject: Re:
Dear ta he
I en net have any may en ant sending yen this drawing I did eta spider instead.
I value the arasina at . 95 so trust that the ssh: -es the matter.
Regs ids. Dawn.
Hem: Jane were
Date: Thursday it Oct WIDE
Te: David meted
Subject Grades
that David,
Thankyou tar us. ' kurttster we are uh anuin to aceept drawings " payment and year
weaned remains in arrears at 5233. 95. Please mated us within the HEM T days ts comfirm payment has
been applied he yew anceint and is he kuger outstanding.
veers shares. Jane Gilles
David Thorne
Date: Thursday g that has 16.
To: Jams (Mies
Subject: Re: cement
Dear Jane,
Can I have my drawing eta spider lapel: then please.
Jane Giles
Maet Thursday 9 Elsi. dens 11.
Te: Elwin Theme
Subject Re: Re: Overdue accient
Dear David.
fee amid the drawing ts me. De we want me in email it heel: tn tree‘?
veers sincerely, Jane Gilles
David Theme
Date: Thursday 9 [ted EDGE: ’.
Te: Jane Gites
Subject Re: the Re: accaunt
Dear Jane,
Regards. David.
Freer: Jane Gites
Date: Thursday it that ante 12. attent
To: David Theme
Attached -:spitter. gif:-
Hem: David Theme
Date: Friday " Get new 09.
Te: Jane Glee
Subject: when spider is that?
Deer Jane.
Are yen sure this eta spider is the ens I sent yen? This spider truly has seven tees and inn ant
teal wiuld hare was such an elementary mistake when I drew it.
Regards. Baht.
Tor. David Theme
Subject Fist Whass spider is that’?
Elder David.
Yes it is the use drawing. I copied and pasted d fromthe anal we sent me an the an
David your deepen: is we overdue he the eminent of . 95.
Please payment as seen as pends.
were sheared. Jane tits
Freer: new 1'
Tn: has Gites
Subject: Glut of Offre Response
Em : aing me.
lam currently away en leave, traveling mum this and wit be returning last week.
Regards. David.
Freer: David Theme
Date: Friday tit tint 2608 .
Tet Jane
Subject: Re: the when spider is In at?
Heep. lam new and have new yew emails and Heep's that despite mug a leg, that drawing
a spider may indeed he the end I sent yea. I resists with hindsight that it is yen rejected the
eta spider this in this entwines twin amen nut did net paint it net It " sited to aland he rainig
my feelings. As men. lam sending we a revised era wing win the use went numner of Inge as tun payment
fer any when ht I than the we nrirbx the matter to a nemesis
Regards. David.
Hem: Jane Ghee
Date: Monday "t 3 ct was 2.
To: David Theme
Subject: Re: Re: Re: ‘Mines spider is that?
Dear David,
As I have stated, we " net accept drawings in lei of mew fer accounts its
We accept cheque. bank ensues. messy order er cash. Hesse make a this week In maid
incurring ahtiie ital tees-
teem sin creedy, Jens GE
Dear David.
As I have stated. we m net accept drawings in lei " money fer .
we accept ensues. nadir cheese. messy timer er sash. Hesse matte a payment this west: try avers
incurring any Mea.
fears sincerly, has Gives
From: David Theme
Date: Monday 13 Get
Tm Jane Glqs
He: its Re. . Whight spider is that?
I understand and v. - waits a payment this was it I remember. As we have net annealed my
seeded draw "rig as payment. please return the drawing tn me as seen as possitive. l was silly pf me to
assume I new preside we win at an value whatsoever. waste and then
when a are deviant he I.
Regards. David.
Frirst, esamir Gilles
Date: Tuesday " Oct
Te: David Theme
Subject: tte: its he Re: Rs: ' spider is that?
detached . ggtw
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That picture he later sold for several thousand on ebay.
#2 - shanty (01/30/2013) [-]
From The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne if anyone was curious.
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