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(01/31/2013) [-]
I've only had one lucid dream. It was when I had a nightmare. It is a very special nightmare, I have had the same dream many times. It pretty much starts at the Harry Potter haunted house (was scared of it as a child), and then I walk through it was Harry does in the movie. At the top of the stairs where he finds Voldemort, instead there is a long maze with these ghost things (can't remember name, dementor or something). That one night I had the nightmare, as soon as I started walking into the maze I realised. I've done this before. This is the same nightmare I've had multiple times. I kick really hard into the wall. No pain. Since I truly truly hate this nightmare I decided, well **** it, if it's a dream then I should be able to gtfo of here. Bodyslam the wall, **** explodes. Beautiful city on a sunny day outside, "**** YEAH". I try to fly. I'm ******* flying. Didn't take me long before I started wrecking ****.
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Just remembered, I had one more lucid dream I just remembered (sex one).
I'm 15 and I live in Sweden (so I could have sex if I want, but hey, it ain't that easy). Start dreaming about me sleeping (sleepception). I wake up in the dream, get up for breakfast but no one's there. My dad is usually up making breakfast for us, but he isn't. Check the time.
89:1078. That's some trippy **** bro. I go down into bed to fall asleep again. Random girl walks in, immediatly starts giving me a blowjob. I've never had a blowjob/sex before, but this has got to be pretty damn close. Feels so good, start eating her out. She turns around, cowgirl. Jesus ******* mother of christ this is the best dream of all time. So I've had two lucid dreams, both were pretty awesome. For people out there that want to lucid dream, here's a couple of tips:
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1. Write down your dreams. I thought the exact same thing as you "yea yea, whatever, it won't help at all", but it does all the difference. As said in the post you will very quickly start seeing patterns as I did. In the first I recognized my nightmare, and in the second one the time was ****** up.
2. Don't panic, when you realise you're dreaming, calmly do something out of ordinary. Like, idk, try to ******* fly. Try to take your fist and punch it through the wall or something. If it works, you got it.
3. Looking yourself in the mirror is not something I recommend. I've heard you can see the person that you see yourself as, or something really ******* horrible, like extreme creepy pasta which might scar forever.

TL;DR Write down dreams, helps out a lot. Don't panic when realising you're dreaming, try something super natural to see if you actually are having a lucid dream.Don't.look. yourself.in.the.mirror.
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lol im going to use lucid dreaming as a little LBP "MyMoon" to create all kinds of things.