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Can someone give me a run down of this game? I read a bit about it but really don't know much and it seems like it could be my kind of game.
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Solinvictus gave a really good run down of the campaign, but man, lemme tell you about the battles! These battles can be huge! Sometimes 10,000+ troops on the field! The TW games have a really good zoom feature, so you can zoom out and watch your entire army close with the enemy, and then zoom in to watch individual troops killing each other. It's really amazing. The battle animations have gotten really good too, especially in Shogun 2. There's a lot of strategy involved in the battles too. Artillery placement, spears, guns, archers, heavy and light infantry, cavalry, etc. can all make a huge difference depending on how you use them.
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Not to mention that you can set ambushes in wooded areas. When I was fighting the Gauls as Rome in RTW, I set two units of warband infantry mercenaries in the woods and waited for the enemy to march right up on them and sprung my attack onto their left flank. That one charge sent the entire enemy army routing in less than a minute, (and it was a pretty big army), and I just sent my cavalry in to mop up the mess. It was glorious.
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Love that feeling of complete domination.
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Basically, in any Total War game, you start out as one of the several countries/kingdoms with the object of expanding your territory. It isn't simply about raising up some troops and going an attacking everyone around you. You have to manage your economy, taxes, army/navy upkeep, trade, and diplomacy. And of course you have the campaign map where you manage these things and move your armies about strategically in turn based gameplay, and then you have the battle map where you fight real time battles, which is really fun. I've always been a huge fan of Total War games mainly because is gives me the chance to immerse myself in historical worlds and I get control armies on the battlefield and try out all kinds of tactics and **** . So if you like any of those things, I'd suggest you try it out. :) hope this helps.
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how did you manage your cities when expansion started to slow down. Whenever I got to like 30 territories my cities would start getting all squalorly.
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If I remember correctly, the main thing is to constantly build the population buildings, like expanding city walls and governor buildings. Also expanding hygiene buildings, such as sewers and baths in Rome: TW. Its been a little while since I played, so I don't remember how I dealt with it exactly, but I believe that is your best chance to combat squalor. Of course you could get lucky and have a plague wipe out half your population, that should deal with it. :D
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I used to remove my troops, bring up some siege weapons, piss off the population and wait for the inevitable revolt. Then take back the city and slaughter them... no more squalor :D
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That's exactly the kind of information I wanted, thanks a lot.
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My pleasure.
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I don't just want facts about it, I want opinions, and from people who aren't paid to write their opinions in reviews.
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