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#178 - agitatedscientist
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(01/31/2013) [-]
There are two schools of thought concerning time travel. The more traditional approach would be that when a time traveler goes back, he can change the events of history. In this version of time travel, there never was a time traveler anywhere in history until the first one moved from his own time period. This would be exemplified in Back to the Future.

The second theory would be that the events of time cannot be changed. The time traveler tries to prevent or cause something, but inadvertently causes history to repeat itself in the exact same manner or fails to change anything at all. The time traveler was always present at this point in time, as well as their starting point.

The Time Turner is based on the second theory. Buckbeak was saved the first time around, but they had to go back in time to be there. The Potter's deaths were in itself proof that no one used a time turner to save them, or no one succeeded in saving them when they did use the time turner. Therefor, it would be useless to try to use the time turner to save them, as it would be theoretically impossible, even with magic.

There is a reason they let a young student use the thing. In all reality it's just a toy.
#183 to #178 - churrundo
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(01/31/2013) [-]
it's one is travling through the fifth dimension, the other is traveling in the fourth