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User avatar #55 - schmuxy (01/30/2013) [-]
Here's the thing.

Stupidity is almost always incredibly unattractive to intelligent people, especially in our society that generally values brains over brawn. Therefore, the only people willing to reproduce with stupid people are other stupid people, and it follows that intelligent people will therefore only reproduce with other intelligent, or at least average, people. Therefore, as time goes on, the extremes grow - our intelligent people become more intelligent, and our stupid people become more stupid. Eventually, this can only lead to an entire divergence - human kind will become two separate species: those who have actually regressed since the dawn of man, and those who have become a sort of master race, and who will still be qualified to retain the name of Homo sapiens.
#203 to #55 - anon (01/30/2013) [-]
Intelligence is not hereditary, which is evident through the Milwaukee Project. In this experiment single black mothers with an IQ of 75 or less (generally classified as mentally retarded) were given life assistance. They were given employment, and taught how to properly care for their child, in addition to having their children sent to pre-school. In these cases the IQ scores of their children averaged 100, noted as being 22 points higher than a group of children with similar parents.

The theory that "stupidity begets stupidity" only has ground in terms of the upbringing of children. If "stupid" people produce large amounts of children (often at a young age), they will be unable to properly care for a child, resulting in less intelligent offspring. It is also important to note that a person's ability as a parent is widely based off of their own parent(s), which may also result in a chain of improper parenting.

I would also generally tend to agree with the fact that ignorance can be passed down, so long as it was an active part in the raising of a child. However, ignorance does not actually relate to intelligence (as IQ tests do not measure levels of ignorance), but merely makes people unpleasant.

As such, I believe that any biological divergence of the human race is highly improbable, and I would attribute anything of the like to a cultural shift, wherein one group would become increasingly isolated and ignorant towards the world.
User avatar #273 to #203 - schmuxy (01/30/2013) [-]
However, I would not say it is not as unlikely as you think. As that experiment proves, it is the upbringing that has the effect on a person's stupidity. And, as stupid people will usually reproduce with stupid people, the stupidity will be compounded.
#60 to #55 - adamks (01/30/2013) [-]
That's ******* retarded. You don't become stupid if your parents were. Its not like its ******* contagious. You become stupid if you don't take your education seriously, or if you are born with a disability. Even stupid people grow up, and realize that their kids must take their education seriously. You are so dumb, I cant even.
#113 to #60 - hylebus (01/30/2013) [-]
You're born with certain intelligence, which can't be improved, only the way you use it is getting more developed. More intelligent people have far better chance to conceive a more intelligent baby. It's unlikely that parents with IQ <100 conceive a baby with IQ>160. You are so dumb, I can't even.
User avatar #96 to #60 - schmuxy (01/30/2013) [-]
Even more importantly, ignorance doesn't simply go away. Take, for example, the extreme evangelism you find in some parts of America, such as in the Westboro Baptist Church. I don't put their extreme beliefs down to innate stupidity, but the environment they grew up in. Do you really think that there is a certain age when they will suddenly realize how irrational they were? Of course not. And do you really think that they will bring up their children in any other way? Again, no. Stupidity begets stupidity.
#109 to #96 - adamks (01/30/2013) [-]
Now you are talking about super extreme cases. We have no more than 5% of those people on the freaking earth.
User avatar #95 to #60 - schmuxy (01/30/2013) [-]
It's called genetics you moron
#59 to #55 - ponkodonko (01/30/2013) [-]
heh, you do make a good point. I myself is 5/6 - 10 and i find even hot stupid people incredibly repulsive. ignorant and stupid people are really hard to hold an inteligent conversation with and therefore for me not very attractive. I would rather be alone that together with someone i can't stand.
#56 to #55 - mortalc (01/30/2013) [-]
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