Better than Expected.. A dump fro my favorites folder.. File: KB, 320x480, , jpg) eating a burger. Niggress semes in en SCREAMING about how MY MAN IS GONNA ) MA
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Better than Expected.

A dump fro my favorites folder.

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File: KB, 320x480, , jpg)
eating a burger.
Niggress semes in en SCREAMING about how MY MAN IS GONNA ****** ) MAN UP YOU BITCH ASS HOE!
at counterfit like 3 minutes continuing rant.
the peer tee take her order she just holds up a finger at him.
elk queue of people begins tee form behind niggress.
Allan behind counter leeks ever her shoulder and asks the next people in line whattheh want.
is screaming into her phone SC) loud anthis point about the amount eta bitch ass skeeze hoe the other niggress is he has
tee ask 3 times.
finishes conversation with ene last ape like shout.
screaming at the guy behind the counter fer skipping her when she was clearly the first person in line.
****** walks in looking angry as **** .
llt' s her "MAN"
Twalks muertes the counter and listens tee the back and forth between the employee and his bitch.
more and more angry leekingnow whale time.
***** back and Punches his bitch in the face hard as **** .
Mcnally no screaming nig mice ( the first time in 10 minutes
Hells hardee shut the **** up and she should of had his nuggets long age.
Epicks up her purse and orders nuggets.
Appologizes tee dude behind counter fer her retardedness-
ene tried tee niggress whe is sobbing on the ground.
behind the counter has huge grin en his face.
skives the nig his nuggets fer free.
wig sits down and starts eating his nuggets. niggress still sobbing en fim: yr.
ppeople just sen of step ever her tee get there eider.
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Submitted: 01/29/2013
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#2 - satyrico (01/29/2013) [-]
slap. slap. slap.
slap. slap. slap.
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