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User avatar #6 - haydn (01/27/2013) [-]
Are people actually bothered by girls dressing this way? Have you all grown old fashioned and prude before your time? Or are you angry that these are the girls that reject you? Food for thought.
User avatar #100 to #6 - supermegasherman (01/28/2013) [-]
i think its more the hippocracy of it. "we're women so we need rights so we can free ourselves from objective men" then proceed to use these freedoms to objectify themselves in the form of slutty clothing
#99 to #6 - dtanobo (01/28/2013) [-]
Perhaps you haven't really seen these girls in public. They're idiotic, loud, in your face and ill-mannered. But don't think it doesn't count for men too. I've seen my gender slowly betray me as the years progress. In the end, the bimbos will hang with the douchebags, so I don't see what the big problem is. We don't have to be with them
#98 to #6 - jgk **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#97 to #6 - veryinteresting (01/28/2013) [-]
I think it looks awful, and its basically a "my vagina is open" sign.
#85 to #6 - anon (01/28/2013) [-]
"Chivalry is dead, and women killed it" - Dave Chappelle

If girls don't act or present themselves lady-like, they won't be respected as much.
Personally I don't like how women dress, showing as much of their body as they can without getting in trouble.
I'm a kind guy and want to treat others right regardless of their gender, but it's hard to treat a girl as a lady if they don't present themselves in a way that deserves to be treated like a lady.

Think about how strange it actually is, showing off your breasts, wearing skirts barely larger than underwear.... It's weird, but somehow it became acceptable. No matter how good of a body such a girl might have, I truly wouldn't want to be with them.
User avatar #83 to #6 - steedawwg **User deleted account** (01/28/2013) [-]
I get rejected either way.
#80 to #6 - EdwardNigma (01/28/2013) [-]
I prefer old fashioned things, ***** classier and nicer looking.

That and, all girls reject me.
User avatar #73 to #6 - anonymoose (01/28/2013) [-]
I for one, like it.
User avatar #68 to #6 - sammyjankiis (01/28/2013) [-]
No sluts are a menace to society. You cant deny that,
#52 to #6 - Gonnafly (01/28/2013) [-]
Its not the way they dress its the way they act
Its not the way they dress its the way they act
User avatar #51 to #6 - joemand (01/28/2013) [-]
Why yes actually. You went from classy and strong to "give me attention cuz I'm wearing a whores uniform".

User avatar #47 to #6 - thatguywhohasbacon (01/28/2013) [-]
I don't mind girls dressing like that, I just wouldn't date one of them ( ******* them is a whole nother story) I prefer someone a little more, womanly, I guess you could say.
User avatar #29 to #6 - loomiss ONLINE (01/28/2013) [-]
Exactly, they sit here and judge them because they know these girls are attractive and they wouldn't have a chance with them.
#24 to #6 - anon (01/28/2013) [-]
...cool story liberal
User avatar #13 to #6 - nlogax (01/28/2013) [-]
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