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#50 - getsheadfromdolan (01/27/2013) [-]
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i got MoP like only a month after it came out and got 90 in about 2 weeks. a few weeks later i am seeing monks that are out gearing me with heroic raid gear. these are the no lifes that get best gear in 2 months
User avatar #81 to #50 - Bokmaaa (01/27/2013) [-]
I disagree. A LOT of those hardcore raiders with those sorts of gear spend a few hours, for a few nights a week. All it takes is great teamwork tbh.
#101 to #81 - newall (01/27/2013) [-]
yes and no, depending on your server and/or skill level. almost all of the guilds in the top 50/world PVE bracket spent at-least 10 hours a day in the newest content for world/realm firsts.

At-Least. some spending up-to 16 hours.

people with lives don't have time for that **** .
User avatar #82 to #81 - Bokmaaa (01/27/2013) [-]
in the game*
User avatar #83 to #82 - getsheadfromdolan (01/27/2013) [-]
but what im saying is that he capped his level before i even got geared with LFR
#89 to #83 - jinkazama (01/27/2013) [-]
People were level90 6 hours after launch. Leveling is easy if you know what to do. Couple that with heirlooms on the new toons and you got some quick ass lvl 90s.
User avatar #86 to #83 - magkva (01/27/2013) [-]
Leveling goes faster than gearing with Lfr.
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