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#3 - lujan ONLINE (01/27/2013) [-]
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I have diabetes
#9 to #3 - discon (01/27/2013) [-]
I do too, and it's really not that bad. I don't get why people whine so much about it. I understand it's expensive in the US, though.
User avatar #11 to #9 - thepastryistrue (01/27/2013) [-]
Plus, if you're drunk you can give yourself an insulin shot and you'll be sober again. (Don't try this at home, it's bad for your liver.)
#13 to #11 - discon (01/27/2013) [-]
How much insulin are we talking about? Do you mean that low blood sugar will make you sober?
User avatar #14 to #13 - thepastryistrue (01/27/2013) [-]
Don't ask me. A friend of mine used to do that as kind of his "party trick". But it was in fact quite dangerous, as the consumption of alcohol blocks the liver from producing glucose while blood sugar is low. So he played unknowingly with his life.
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