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User avatar #83 - laspussy (01/27/2013) [-]
What if she simply changed clothes when she got to school and then changed back when she got home?
User avatar #103 to #83 - idoliam (01/27/2013) [-]
He could have made several shirts and then hid her regular shirts
User avatar #90 to #83 - elcreepo (01/27/2013) [-]
If a guy goes through that much trouble to make a shirt instead of just, you know, taking away her cell phone or something, I'm sure he had ways to ensure she wore the shirt.
User avatar #98 to #90 - laspussy (01/27/2013) [-]
then perhaps he checked her backpack before hand, but what about the extra clothes in her locker or friend's locker. Especially if she has to change for gym?
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