Title. . iti lid made me an atheist. Hm are van to quoiting his wisdom?. All humans are born atheist just saiyan
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its a paradox,
not an oxymoron
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All humans are born atheist
just saiyan
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Incorrect. You were born to Muslim parents. Had they not indoctrinated you from birth, and not forced any other religion on you, you would still be at the default position of Atheist.
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what about the Jews.
what about the Jews.
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everyone is born athiest, and then have their parents religion(s) thrust upon them.
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If you look up atheism you will see that it is not scientific at all. Atheism is as flawed as the other religions if not more and no one is born to any religion because they have not chosen one. yes parents do have a say on what religion children experience growing up.

Finally being a Jew is one of three things and one them is an ethnicity, so you can be born a Jew.
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true, very true. also, nowhere in my comment did i say anything about science.
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To continue what Hightower said, you also wouldnt be muslim if your parents had taught you any other religion.
In fact, you wouldnt be muslim had u been born in another country.
You wouldnt be muslim if you were born in another time.
But no matter when or where, you were born an atheist
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Too right you are. Atheism is the default position, you must be taught anything else.
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Atheism is the fact that if there is no proof it dose not exist, that is not science that is being a bigot, not knowing is how we are born and that would be Agnostic ( the position of not knowing rather then deny with out any evidence) . people like you are what make religion a hard thing to talk about.
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all humans are atheists in one way or another. Atheism is the disbelief in a god or a higher being. Christians don't believe in the Hindu gods and vice versa. in a way, we are all atheists
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All humans were also born naked, too.
All humans were also born naked, too.
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Have fun. I'm not going to tell you you're wong, but consider this. If you're right, we're both worm food. If I'm right, I get eternal happiness and you get eternal damnation. I'd never think that this would change your mind, but mine definitely sounds more fun.
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You made yourself an atheist.

Not hatin', just trying to stop flawed arguments.
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He's not saying that God made him an atheist, that's a silly thing for an atheist to say. Rather, he's saying that you can't ascribe your personal decisions to God's will. It's satirical. It sounds stupid because OP is saying that it is, indeed, stupid.
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This is absolutely ******* retarded.
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i posted this last year i think my first front page
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