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#49 - darthblam (01/25/2013) [-]
While I think Chrome IS faster and better now that I use it, I honestly had no problems with IE like everyone seems to complain about...
User avatar #123 to #49 - coolcalx (01/25/2013) [-]
when I used IE, it would randomly crash ALL OF THE ******* TIME. it was awful.

once I went chrome, there was no going back

I also like safari, but I don't personally use it
User avatar #93 to #49 - Bad Man (01/25/2013) [-]
I opened it up for the first time in years, and no joke, a third of the screen was filled up by toolbars.
User avatar #194 to #93 - nogphille (01/25/2013) [-]
tbh, i rarely use IE, but that's mostly because of the speed, since the stability has gotten a lot better over the years..

and as far as the toolbars are concerned, if you install freeware, don't just buttonbash the next button like you would in street fighter.. uncheck **** that says: "I agree and install free toolbar" or **** like that.
User avatar #235 to #194 - Bad Man (01/25/2013) [-]
You misunderstand. I'm talking getting a laptop on Christmas Day, going on IE, and finding it like that. I can't be bothered to spend an hour disabling every piece of junk that it came with.
User avatar #236 to #235 - nogphille (01/25/2013) [-]
yeah, when you buy a new one, first thing i advise people is to perform a clean install..
that way, you can install everything YOU want on there and no bloatware :)
User avatar #76 to #49 - DrSalvador (01/25/2013) [-]
I still use IE for everything. When I use Chrome, ads pop up everywhere, and i don't like the interface. and i'm too lazy to get an adblock for it when i dont use it
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