Blue balls. In b4 "faggot reposter from Facebook. Yes I stole it from the "I Love Science" page on Facebook. Thought you guys might enjoy . if F  science and yo mama
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I guess we would have to call the erectrician.
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Pedobear Approves your Seal with a Rain of Green Thumbs!!!
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If your lights are on for more than four hours, call your electrician.
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Sort of related story:

Some of my friends joined a Christian Basketball League and formed a team called the "Blue Ballerz", they lost practically every game (except for one) and they almost got kicked out of the league... mainly because of their name and rather than actually playing to win, they would just make up hilarious-plays like "The Fire-Truck"; in which one member would pile drive his way to the basket while screaming like a fire-truck siren...
Quote from their coach: "My Balls have never been more blue! Love my little blue balls, great win! BBOD"
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That **** happened to me last week she came like 5 times and i didn't cum because the ******* cops came and tapped on my window
User avatar #8 to #5 - Bakerlalalalala (01/24/2013) [-]
I should probably mention that i was in a truck, in a park
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Amateur, a van is more comfortable.
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the only car that i was allowed to drive was a truck i didn't want my dad's (yes i said dad's) minivan to smell like sex because he drives that everyday
#11 to #10 - autoxx ONLINE (01/24/2013) [-]
Just smoke some weed in it, he'll never notice the pussy was stank.
...It's probably been so long that he doesn't remember the smell anyway.
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My dad is an Ex drug dealer and i am in the Army they piss test me every chance they get
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How is the market for clean piss anyway?
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It's the government, when you take a piss test for any type of government agency they have someone look over your shoulder to make sure its real
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Repost to **** , if I've posted it its probably the old damn repost there is.
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That's like being used by a switch...
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Sadly, this wouldn't work as well here. Our light switches are inverted to yours.
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My girlfriend did it today before she went to school.. God damnit
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I just want someone to touch me
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Get off the internet and come back when you at least know how to a) get the source of the image or b) TAKE A ******* SCREENSHOT. Taking a photo and reposting it is retardation.
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I would use my hand and then become turned off.
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