Magikarp Comp. Obviously I own none of these but enjoy my unbelievable neat paint skills!. I Bit! Pokemon
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i thought this was one big comic for a minute. most confusing moment of my life
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Lol yeah I see what you mean.
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Magicomp :)
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If I could have one Pokemon and it could evolve, I would choose Magikarp. Why's that? It's because I would love that Magikarp. I would gently guide it. It would love me back. While all others laugh at our endeavors, we would have each other. Struggle after struggle, Magikarp would be increasingly tough on himself, and I would always be there for him, saying it's okay. One day, he would snap. He would have had enough letting me, his beloved trainer down, and the pure, unadulterated rage would seethe from him. He would become the truly terrifying, awe-inspiring, and immensely powerful Gyarados. He would know the pain of failure, and that is what would make him strong. I would be the only one who can control him, because we would be the best of friends. I would be his sole companion, and he mine. We would conquer the world, unite it, and monuments would be erected to Magikarp and Gyarados everywhere. Not even electric attacks could stop us.
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Someone needs to make a video of them taking a team of Magikarps against the Elite Four. I'd do it myself but I really don't feel like EV training 6 Magikarps and figuring out how to get 6 focus bands.
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Isn't magikarp just a normal animal? I mean its so under powered it can be considered a normal non Pokemon animal
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they're both level fifteen
they both know tackle
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Evolving Magikarp would just be a silly idea.
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my username and i feel special <3
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