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#198 - anon
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Thank you for posting the same exact thing said in the movie. This part was on tv weeks before the movie was and yet you feel the need to share. This post is worse than all Jake Gyllenhaal movies combined. I hope one day when you're having kids karma will come around to bit you in the ass for this. I'm betting one kid will be blind, the other severly retarded, and finally you decide to try again hoping this one will be normal. Then BAM, miscarriage at 7 months so your wife will have to walk around for 2 months with a dead fetus inside of here. And on that day you will know that the struggles your kids are facing along with the failing and depression filled marriage you are in will be all thanks to this ****** post and your overwhelming lack of creativity and humor. **** you.
Sincerely, Anon.