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User avatar #72 - gatodelfuego
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(01/21/2013) [-]
Ok, from what I've seen from links off facebook, 9gag actually is bad. However, it's not the misuse of me gusta or le or true story. Honestly we blow that out of proportion. They are simply following trends, we did it as well, once in a while a le pops up on FJ.

Most of the content that you would expect to be "stolen" from 9gag is here on FJ as well. It's also on memebase, reddit, tumblr, anything else. People take pictures and thumbwhore or upvotewhore it around on every site they can think of. I'm sure there are people that post on 3 or 4 sites at the same time just so they can feel popular. So a lot of their "good" content is our good content.

HOWEVER, don't think this means that everything you've thought about 9gag is wrong. It's not. The real problem is the memes. Not memes as in putting "you don't say" at the end of a post, just single picture, tasteless, unending MEMES. It's like people just go to the front page of memegenerator and post whatever they find. I've seen 10-20 single meme pictures in a row.

Still, we can't say we're much better. We're better, but not that much. While 9gag has its massive swaths of memes to go through, FJ has the annoying fad cycle, concluding in posts complaining about complaining about the fad, which bug me.

The deal breaker really comes down to the comment system, which is practically nonexistent on 9gag, as well as the whole self-image. 9gag thinks it's more than it really is, whereas in my opinion FJ shows a bit more restraint.
User avatar #92 to #72 - dikslapping
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Thank you Sir, I always wanted to type it but the way to say it eluded me. Me personally I like Funny Junk more because of the comment system. There are many assholes here, but they are entertaining assholes. Have a great day and enjoy this pic of a Fennec Hare it looks like a rabbit and a bunny mixed.
#90 to #72 - anonasuser
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(01/21/2013) [-]
real talk
real talk