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Absolut is a pretty expensive vodka brand though.
That is unless you're somebody who buys those REALLY expensive ones, then it's cheap.
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I haven't delved a whole lot into what you'd call "expensive" vodkas, but I do have to admit Absolut tastes pretty damn good straight. It's got a nice grainy flavor to it that almost reminds me of a good wheat ale.

In a sense I'm with you, though. I will never understand people who drink vodka to get drunk but won't touch stuff like Five O'Clock. A bad vodka is nowhere near as unpleasant as a bad beer or wine; it basically is just tasteless.
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Grasovka has a very nice flavor of bison grass. Mixed with Sprite it tastes like vanilla.
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Eh Rotgut tastes like pure gasoline to me. Absolut does have a very nice taste to it, it and Grey Goose are my two main vodkas of choice if I'm going to be drinking vodka.

Typically stick to bourbon though.
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If you believe that vodka is tasteless, you obviously aren't old enough to have developed a palette for alcohol.
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Lol somebody's angry. Did your father beat your mother while you were a child? Seriously though, I highly doubt people who drink vodka (or anything for that matter) just to get ********* are going to care much about how their alcohol tastes anyways.
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Yup, I'm totally 12. You caught me. Never said you hated vodka, so don't put implications where they don't belong. Sorry I mistook your ignorant babblings for rude remarks, but I'm going to defend my drink of choice against somebody who can't get their point across without assuming everybody drinks vodka to get drunk. If you can't understand that people actually enjoy drinking it, you at the very least extremely dense, if not 16.
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It tasted like ******* scooter-fuel, I can't see why anyone would ever care of the taste, it goes down and then if you have too much, it comes straight back up again anyways
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