All of my wat. Just found this on YouTube, don't know whether its OC or not.. Top Com ments 1 Erie Auditore tweeks age I have to admit Conner is good but not be
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All of my wat

Just found this on YouTube, don't know whether its OC or not.

Top Com ments
1 Erie Auditore tweeks age
I have to admit Conner is good but not better then me
Reply . 849
Gunner Freeway 4 weeks age
You wanna go?
Reply . in replete Ezioalditore
Altaiir ' Ahad at weeks age
Quite child.
Reply . are
Eleifend Miles tweeks age
Bitch please... I control all . we
Reply . we in replete ' Ahad
Gandalf Thecrew 3 weeks age
Bitch We a wizard
Reply . 540
Spartan Jenn 3 weeks age
Your argument is so cute
Reply . 420
nerve Attend 3 weeks age
Keep talking hitches
Reply . 464
Cheek Merrie 3 weeks age
Say at to this Texas ranger.
Reply . 407 in replete Genre Attend
Bruce Lee 3 weeks age
Bitch Please, I kicked your ass way hack.
Reply . 377 in replete Chuck Norris
Max Payne 3 weeks age
I might have laughed, if I had remembered hew.
Reply . 315
Cmdr. Shepard Tweeks age
Save your might need it.
Reply . 303 in reeling Max Payne
Pirates 2 weeks age
Y' all are forgetting whathe real Bed is .... ..
Reply . 287 . Shepard
Gorden Freeman Tweeks age
Reply . in replete Wargod Kratos
Morgan Freeman 2 weeks age
You might he a 'Freeman', but you are he Morgan Freeman. Remember that.
Reply . 250
Gabe Hewett 2 weeks age
This fake accounts thing is getting out hand...
Reply . "194
Liam Megan Tweeks age
Iden' t knew who you all are. I den' t knew what you all want. ifyou are Iceking tor
attention. I can tell you I den' t have that many likes. But what I m have are a very
particular set skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that
make me a nightmare fer people like you. If you stop this all now, that' ll be the end
it. I will not leek tor you, I will not pursue you. Bet ifyou den' t, I will leek fer you, I
will tint) you, and I will kill you.
Reply . 254
Dan Bull 2 weeks age
Your nose is tee trig. I' m going to write a rap aweet that.
Reply . 289
Lane Wanderer 2 weeks age
Speech 100%] At least he has something that' s Dig-
Reply . TTO
Ifags Mt: Tweeks age
Did i ever tell you the insanity??
Reply .
damn Brady I week age
Bitch please I kicked your ass along time ago
Alduin em. -an ‘Aweek age
I' ll take you all to . r
Reply .
I week age
and once again I shall eithe undoing
Reply . 58 in replete Alduin Devan
I week age
No, there' s 2 us new. and I' m a sir, you shall tear the sight my . t
Reply . it in replete Davahkiin
I week age
Your moostache is deadly but I have Mehrunes sharers
Reply . in replete " 1
Whiterun Guard ‘Aweek age
WAAIT, I knew we in
Reply . 74
Achilles ‘Aweek age
No you den' t, boy.
Reply . an
Let me guess?- sameone stole your sweetroll?
Reply . 57 d . in reply to Achilles Davenport
Guard 3 days age
You haven' t even DREAMED the things We been threeoh.
Reply . 32
Windhelm Guard E days age Ci).
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Submitted: 01/17/2013
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