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#126 - djequalizee (01/18/2013) [-]
Id rather be shot in the head then stabbed and beaten with blunt objects.
User avatar #131 to #126 - timxcampbell (01/18/2013) [-]
I almost died of hypothermia, once. That wasn't too bad. But I hear the easiest way to die is by inhaling pure nitrogen gas. You just fall over and you're finished.

Hmm, I should shut up before something suggests banning the atmosphere.
User avatar #132 to #131 - djequalizee (01/18/2013) [-]
I can't die. I have ingested metals and they have fused to my body creating a perfect cyborg body.

I've said too much.
#136 to #132 - Lulzilla ONLINE (01/18/2013) [-]
Until your placed into one of these things and ripped to ******* shreds.
User avatar #140 to #136 - djequalizee (01/18/2013) [-]
>implying the alloy his highly magnetic.

#165 to #140 - Lulzilla ONLINE (01/18/2013) [-]
Implying that no idiot would eat various useless and poisonous metals.
From the top of my head the only metals that aren't magnetic are: Lead, Nickle ,Chrome, Copper, and Tin.
Most metals that actually have use (Other then copper but that'd degrade quickly in your body.) are magnetic AND will rip out of your body inside this machine.

(Oh, If you say that you'll use alloys that aren't magnetic just remember...Alloys are the pairing of various natural metals to create a nonnatural metal. Said natural metal will most likely be magnetic.)
User avatar #169 to #165 - djequalizee (01/18/2013) [-]
Wat, cus i'm srs.

I thought long and hard about this subject

I also think eating metals turns you into a cyborg
User avatar #173 to #169 - Lulzilla ONLINE (01/18/2013) [-]
Listen here you sin of the Earth. You're body is made up of metals. Iron, Zinc, A tiny bit of other metals. Does that make you a cyborg? No. You would have to have the circuitry in order for that to be true.
User avatar #243 to #173 - newsmyrna (01/18/2013) [-]
would someone with a pacemaker be a cyborg then?
User avatar #201 to #173 - Ruspanic (01/18/2013) [-]
I think you're taking this too seriously.
User avatar #137 to #136 - Lulzilla ONLINE (01/18/2013) [-]
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