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I live in Canada and I have a big problem that I see, and that I didn't see when I lived in the U.S. They're ******* self-righteous, maybe not the students but the teachers say **** like "we have one of the best if not the best educations" and the only way I could find myself agreeing to that is the physical education (more variety of sports) but I tell them I'm from Colombia and they don't even know where that is, and most of them asume I'm Mexican (even after I've said I'm Colombian) and they say "so can you speak Colombian" it's ******* annoying, plus the corse are intergraded, like there's a since class, no biology, chemistry, physics, etc (except in later years but in the U.S. that **** starts in grade 9) oh well, sorry for my rant, just had to let it out.
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I'm in America, and that just sounds like a down right ****** school. The school I go to is much better than that.
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you probably went to a ****** public school. i went to public school here and i could tell you all about columbia
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Catholic school.
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thats the problem. private schools are not funded or regulated by the government. that makes them underfunded so they often have less qualified teachers. they do not have public standardized testing, which means they have no way of knowing whether their students are properly learning the curriculum. they have no mandatory curriculum which gives the religious organization backing them license to teach what they want. the gaps you are looking for in ethnic, cultural, and scientific knowledge were most likely filled with christian ideals. not to speak down on that i am catholic myself but it has no place interfering with education. i have family and friends who went to private primary schools and they tend to agree that these institutions are basically status symbols for purchase.
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Yeah I agree, we're doing finals, just finals, and I keep telling everyone how I had final exams and FCAT (lived in Florida) and a specialized math test (EOC) that is the first really important grade.
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science* (All forms of science are mixed into 1 through 9th grade, then we are given specifics, we still learn the same stuff though.)
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Sorry, English is my second language and I was rishing my typing.
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just being helpful :)
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Lol, rushing** sorry
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I was talking about the students btw. and I meant there's no specific classes for each subject.
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If you are talking about Canada, I must live in a different Canada than you.
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Yeah I heard that where I live is **** compared to the rest of Canada, I live in Hamilton.
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